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In a sudden stop, your racing harness is your best friend. They are designed to gradually slow your deceleration rate to manageable level. An auto racing harness, aka racing seat belt, will keep your body position correct and load the racing harness fabric most effective way. Our goal is to reduce or even better eliminate any injury to the driv...

In a sudden stop, your racing harness is your best friend. They are designed to gradually slow your deceleration rate to manageable level. An auto racing harness, aka racing seat belt, will keep your body position correct and load the racing harness fabric most effective way. Our goal is to reduce or even better eliminate any injury to the driver.

We offer the best in racing harness technology for every form of racing at every budget. G-Force, OMP, Schroth, Simpson, Sparco, and Takata are some of our favorites. From winning the local car show, to your first driver school,  to chasing that elusive 1:29.99 at the legendary Road Atlanta, let DiscoveryParts help you choose the correct harness for your application. 



  • G-Force

    Introducing G-Force Racing Gear’s Pro Series line of harnesses. Extensive development of their new proprietary PolyTeck low stretch webbing has brought racing technology to a new level. G-Force Racing Gear’s new poly-based, comfort-coated webbing ensures a harness system that performs better than the competition. All Pro Series harness sets come complete with speed tabs for easy release and bolt-in mounting hardware. The new PolyTeck harness sets are available in all current G-FORCE Racing Gear belt system configurations. 

    5 & 6 Way SFI & FIA rated racing harnesses for the track and 4 point Tuner Belts for the Street, G-Force has the perfect harness for your racecar, dual purpose car, and show car.

  • OMP

    OMP Competition Racing Harnesses exceed the tough FIA requirement for auto racing the world over. The racing spirit has been part of OMP since 1973 when they began to manufacture roll cages and racing accessories for their own racecars in order to gain a competitive edge over fellow race car drivers. The close relationships OMP developed through the years with the most celebrated race teams and drivers in Formula1, IndyCar, Grand-AM, ALMS, WRC, WTCC just to mention a few, have been an essential part of OMP's research and development process which is considered to be the most advanced in the Industry. OMP's severe quality control standards are UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 certified and rated by the most important International sanctioning bodies such as FIA, SFI & SNELL. 

  • Sabelt
  • Safecraft

    Safecraft Racing Harness are proudly, expertly handcrafted in the USA by a select group of trained craftsman. Safecraft Harness sets are seen on the grid of the 24 hour of LeMans to the 24 Hours of Daytona, to the ChumpCar World Championship in a 1984 Celica GT. SafeCraft auto racing harnesses are a premium item and used on some of the highest value vehicles ever put on track. Safecraft is one of the last "Made in America" Racing Safety Companies.

  • Schroth

    Schroth Competition Racing Harnesses. Carl Friedrich Schroth (1909-1997) was a keen sporting motorcyclist and engineer from his youth onwards. Upon marrying a skilled tailor, the Schroths began making and selling motorcycle clothing. However, in the mid-1950s the passenger car began its triumphant progress through Germany, thereby squeezing the motorcycle out. The Schroths feverishly sought new products to sell. Simultaniously, Schroth revisited his motorsport hobby only now it was cars. While racing, he encountered a problem: it annoyed him that his co-driver could not read maps and navigate properly because he was constantly being flung to and fro in his seat. “He needs securing!”, Schroth decided. From roller blind parts and coat buckles he “tailored” a seat belt for his co-pilot. He had developed the first German belt, a shoulder belt. Passenger safety in road vehicles and other means of transport has remained Schroth’s central concern for almost 60 years. Schroth belts have come a long way in those years. Many technological advances have been made making them a market leader and today about 20,000 Schroth shoulder belts are still made and sold all over the world.  

  • Simpson

    Simpson has been manufacturing racing harnesses for over 60 years. Since the sale of harness set #1, over 100,000 auto racing harnesses have been sold. The usage of a Simpson racing harness varies from Quarter Midgets (QMA) to the closed roads of France in June for the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. Simpson racing harnesses can be constructed to make the most difficult fitment a simple bolt-in or snap-in installation. Trust Simpson racing harnesses to keep you safe on track, no matter what country or vehicle you are in. 

  • Sparco

    Sparco Competition Racing Harnesses. Sparco was born  from a dream of two young Torino racing drivers who decided to increase safety in the racing world. In the earlier days of racing, there were big crashes producing many injuries. That is when Sparco began presenting its products and revolutionizing safety concepts. Sparco racing harnesses reflect that dedication to "safety first".

    Sparco Competition Harnesses are still dedicated to safety first to this day. Sparco harness sets are seen at the highest levels of competition, from Best of Show to 24 Hours of Daytona, and every application in-between. Sparco has the perfect harness option for 4/5/6 way safety solutions to protect the driver to the highest level. Trust Sparco Competition Harness sets to not only compliment your interior, but keep you safe. 

  • Takata

    Rewind to 1963 to the first Japanese Grand Prix. Horsepower and Aero (primitive by today's standards) were the main priorities. Safety was not. Approximately 50% of the racecars in this era had a seat belt and race safety was not a top priority. Street vehicles were rarely equipped with seat belts either. The change has not begun yet.

    One year later in 1964, Takata changed racing forever.Takata developed Japan's first full-harness seat belt installed in a Subaru 360 to compete the next year in the second Japanese Grand Prix.

    In 1996, Takata developed the Multi Point Buckle (MPB), a full harness designed for the DOME CO., LTD., F1 racing car made exclusively of parts produced in Japan. This harness was designed not only to ensure the driver’s safety, but also to aid driver comfort and help minimize fatigue. The MPH (Multi Point Harness) was adopted for use by FIA and Super GT, Indycar/CART, Formula Nippon, and Formula 3 formula racing cars in the following years. The combination of safety and winning edge technology has won acclaim from motor sports drivers worldwide.

    In 2005, Takata started supplying its MPB-020 harness, which incorporated the latest advances in technology, for use in F1 races, the pinnacle of motor sports. The following year, Takata introduced the MPH-range of full harnesses. These sophisticated harness systems were made possible by incorporating state-of-the-art technologies gained from F1 racing in a product available to the public. Features include a small and light buckle and significantly better ease of operation and durability. Along with these improvements, the MPH retained the same positive attributes of its predecessor. Today a full line of high-quality street, drift and racing harnesses are available from Takata to protect you in nearly any form of motorsport activity.

    Takata is dedicated to supplying motor sports fans in Japan and world-wide with even better products by using the extensive research and development know-how from our automotive OEM products and the valuable feedback of leading race car drivers to make more improvements.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 53 items