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Tuning Harness

Street Tuning and HPDE Harnesses. Street legal tuning harnesses for keeping you secure in you non-competition vehicle. Installation utilizes factory installation points to minimize or eliminate modifications to your prized track trophy. 3 and 4 way harnesses from G-Force, OMP, Schroth, and Sparco are available in a vast array of colors and belt end types to make the installation simple, easy and most important, safe. 

Sparco FIA 4-Point Harness Set
Featuring a 2" Lap Belt and 3" Shoulder Straps make the Sparco FIA 4-point Harness Competition belt perfect in your DE or show car. 4-point harness is comprised of a 2-inch lap belt and 3-inch shoulder straps. Each belt attaches to the frame using snap-on fixings. A high-quality aluminum buckle with built-in load spreader waist pad makes it easy to buckle up. 
Schroth Rallye 3 ASM 3 Point Tuning Harness
A Choice Restraint For Smaller Vehicles, The Schroth Rallye 3 ASM 3 Point Tuning Harness works where the rear seat is very close to the drivers seat.The Rallye 3 ASM tuning harness works great in your daily driver/track car to keep you safe and hold you in your seat during those high-g corners on track.
Schroth Profi II ASM FE 4 Point Harness
The Flexi II ASM FE By Schroth Is Essentially The Same As The Flexi II ASM, except it features a Push-Button Cam lock for applications where street driving is anticipated. The orange push button that says "Press" is necessary to retain street legality so the EMT at an accident scene will know how to release your restraint.