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OMP Competition Racing Harnesses exceed the tough FIA requirement for auto racing the world over. The racing spirit has been part of OMP since 1973 when they began to manufacture roll cages and racing accessories for their own racecars in order to gain a competitive edge over fellow race car drivers. The close relationships OMP developed through the years with the most celebrated race teams and drivers in Formula1, IndyCar, Grand-AM, ALMS, WRC, WTCC just to mention a few, have been an essential part of OMP's research and development process which is considered to be the most advanced in the Industry. OMP's severe quality control standards are UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 certified and rated by the most important International sanctioning bodies such as FIA, SFI & SNELL. 

OMP One 2" Versa Harness FIA 8853/2016
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The OMP One 2" Versa Harness is a great choice for a FIA 8853-2016 racing harness that features polyester webbing and forged lightweight aluminum adjusters. The one big difference that the OMP One 2" Versa brings is adjusters on all belts. If you are in a multiple driver car or own a prep-shop, you understand the time required to remove a seat just to adjust the sub-belts. 
OMP First 3+2 6 Way Harness - FIA Approved
Not your average racing harness, the OMP First 3+2 Racing Harness is FIA 8853/2016 Approved, features a lightweight design with a Hans-Compatible 2/3" shoulder strap, and 3" lap belts. Professional belt adjusters are manufactured from high-strength steel for maximum durability. 
OMP ONE FIA Harness - Pull-Down Waist
Not your average racing harness, the OMP DA0202HSL is part of the new OMP FIA 8853/2016 rating family and features a 2" webbing in all positions with pull-down waist belts. To make installation easy, the shoulder belts and sub-belts have interchangeable ends so the can be wrapped around a bar or welded chassis tab, converted to snap ends or even a bot-onends.
OMP 0102C HSL Pull-Up Waist Harness FIA 8853/2016
The OMPDA 0102CHSL Harness is one of the best performing racing harnesses with pull-up waist belt. Featuring full 2" Dyneema webbing in all positions, wrap shoulder belts & carabiner & snap-ends on the waist belts, and snap-ends & eyebolts on the submarine belt, you have a ready to install FIA 8853 8853-2016 racing harness.
OMP 0104 HSL Formula Car Harness FIA 8853/2016
The OMP 0104HSL Formula Harness is one of the best performing formula car racing harnesses available. Featuring full 2" Dyneema webbing in all positions, wrap shoulder belts & bolt-on waist and dual submarine belts, you have an incredibly lightweight and ready to install FIA 8853-2016 racing harness.