Steering Wheel Accessories | Spacers, Hardware, Horn Buttons


Steering Wheel Accessories - like spacers, external horn buttons, steering wheel mount screws, and 3 to 6 bolt adapters - make a unique install easy. Having all the little pieces keeps you from searching the hardware store for motorsports hardware that does not exist anywhere else.

OMP 60mm Steering Wheel Spacer
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Light and solid, the OMP's 60mm steering wheel spacer bolts between your race car steering wheel hub and steering wheel to bring your race car steering wheel 60mm closer to you. The OMP steering wheel spacer is rock solid and a beautiful machined piece that dresses up every race cockpit with your choice of Black or Silver.
Sparco Dual External Horn Button Kit
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Not just for Horns anymore, the Sparco Dual Horn Button Kit is also used for Radio Push To Talk (PTT), Flash to Pass, Drink Bottle, even NOS. Wiring can be done as 2 separate circuits or both buttons to control one circuit. 
Sparco Steering Wheel Screws (6)
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Replacement steering wheel screws that fit Sparco, MOMO. OMP and NRG steering hubs. The Sparco steering wheel hardware kit gives you the 6 countersunk allen head screws you need to mount your 6 bolt Sparco, OMP, or MOMO steering wheel to your hub adapter. 
MPI Steering Wheel Adapter – 6 Bolt Wheel to 3 Bolt Hub
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The MPI 3 bolt steering wheel adapter converts any 6 bolt steering wheel to 3 bolt hub. The MPI A-3/6BLY is black anodized and manufactured to withstand the toughest on track driving conditions.
Sparco Single External Horn Button Kit
Not just for Horns anymore, the Sparco Single Horn Button Kit is also used for Radio Push To Talk (PTT), Flash to Pass, Drink Bottle, even NOS. 
Sparco 50mm Steering Wheel Hub Spacer
The Sparco 50mm (2") steering wheel spacer (extension) is perfect for the driver who prefers a steering wheel position closer to the chest. CNC machined from the highest quality aluminum then anodized in natural aluminum or black. Fits Sparco, OMP, MOMO, MPI and and other steering wheels with a 6-bolt pattern.