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Fuel Cell Accessories from Fuel Safe, ATL and Holley. For over 30 years Fuel Safe has manufactured fuel accessories for each and every form of racing. Fuel Safe racing accessories are built utilizing only the highest quality materials available, whether it be the strongest, most advanced ballistic materials or the highest grades of aluminum. We consistently offer you the highest levels of protection and performance available. 

Fuel Safe 8" Electronic Fuel Level Sender, 0-90 Ohm
Fuel Safe Fuel Level Sending Unit is Designed Specifically For Use in Racing Fuel Cell applications. The fully-enclosed float will not snag on the foam baffling and is not affected by acceleration, braking, or cornering forces. 0-90 Ohm signal is compatible with any GM-style* or programmable fuel level gauge (sold separately). Fits in a standard 5-bolt cutout.
Fuel Safe Fuel Level Gauge for Fuel Cells, 0-90 Ohm
This Fuel Cell Fuel Level Gauge Will Work With Any Sending Unit With a 0-90 Ohm range or the Fuel Safe SU09 Sending Unit. This range was used on many GM cars from 1965-1997. Black face and bezel with white needle and markings. Sender is not included. 
Fuel Safe 3/8" In-Tank Vent Check Valve

Genuine Fuel Safe 3/8" In-Tank Vent Check Valve. Fuel Safe ITVV06 has a -6 male threads and can be mounted directly into a tank plate or on the end of a remote hose. 

Fuel Safe 3/8" In-Line Vent Check Valve

Genuine Fuel Safe 3/8" In-Line Vent Check Valve. Fuel Safe ITVV06 has a -6 male threads and is usually mounted inline of a remote vent hose. This is our #1 selling 3/8" fuel cell in-line vent valve.