Racecar Battery Disconnect Switches With Alternator Circuit Cut or Basic 2 Pole Battery Disconnect

Battery Disconnect

Racecar Battery Disconnect Switches With Alternator Circuit Cut or Basic 2 Pole Battery Disconnects are Installed In Every Racecar on Track Every Weekend. Modern electronics and complex ignition systems require more amperage than ever. Make sure your racecar battery disconnect is allowing every amp to you to provide maximum power. Multiple fuel pumps, electric radiator fans, brake blowers, diff cooling pump, cool shirt with helmet blower, and ignition boxes pull more amperage and require a more complex and robust battery disconnect switch. DiscoveryParts offers Longacre Battery Disconnect Switches in Basic (2 post) and Alternator Cut (4 Post) configuration for every amp requirement. Build your electrical system correctly now and enjoy years of trouble free racing.

Longacre Battery Disconnect Switch w/ Alt 125 amp
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Longacre 125 amp 4 post battery disconnect switch with 2 hi-amp circuits, one for the battery circuit and one for the output of a race engine with modern hi-amp alternator. The Longacre 52-45782 uses four 3/8" threaded lugs to provide a secure and solid mount of your hi-current battery and alternator cables. This is Longacre's highest AMP battery disconnect.
Closeout CalTerm Off Road Toggle Switch
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CalTerm 41800 20 AMP heavy duty sealed toggle switche. Features a 20A continous rating and has two terminals. The most common use of this switch is to control a relay or low power cunsumption device like a CoolShirt cooler. 
OMP Battery Disconnect Switch
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Battery Disconnect Switch By OMP with 6 Terminals for Alternator Disconnect with Removable Key
Cartek GT Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button

The GT Battery Isolator CK-BG-06-B from CARTEK is a small, lightweight, and highly reliable alternative to the traditional mechanical master-switch. Race proven and designed to overcome all of the problems and restrictions associated with mechanical and electro/mechanical safety cut-outs.