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To gain 3 seconds on a stint you will have to push your vehicle and your driver closer to their red line. Harder use now will not take away an equal amount but that amount plus interest. Gaining 3+ seconds on a pit stop is done through planning and preparation, not at the expense of the car or driver. Let DiscoveryParts help you recover those last few seconds and keep you ahead on the track with the best racecar fueling equipment available. From street driven track cars to the largest races on TV, trust DiscoveryParts for the best, fastest, and safest auto racing refueling equipment.

Fuel Jugs and Accessories. Classic VP 5 Gallon, Heavy Duty Fuel Jug and The Flo-Fast Select Series pump - capable of transferring 5 gallons of fluid in under a minute. Fits perfectly on our VP Racing Utility Jugs. Or the Fuel Safe complete 6 Gallon dump can for lightning fast fueling.  DiscoveryParts has what you need for fuel containment and delivery.

VP Racing Utility Jug Filler Hose
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Easily Fill A Race Car Stock Gas Tank With VP Racing Fuel Jug Filler Hose. Allows You to remove just  the white threaded cap and use the solid plunger to open the unleaded gas door filler flap for fast, easy and safe refueling. 
VP Racing Utility Jug Replacement Big Cap
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Replacement Big Cap For The VP Racing Motorsports Utility Jugs. Complete Cap assembly features an O-Ring seal for no leaks. Red center plug can be removed to allow a perfect, no leak fit of our VP Racing Uility Jug Filler Hose.
VP Racing Utility Jug Replacement Vent Cap
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Replacement Vent (small) Cap For The VP Racing Motorsports Utility Jugs. Complete cap assembly features a gasket seal for no leaks and a lanyard to prevent loss during lightning fast fuel stops. This is the small threaded vent cap used on VP Racing jugs for venting.
VP Racing Power Spout Fill Hose Kit
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The VP Power Spout screws directly on to the pull out spouts found on VP Racing Fuels' 5 Gallon Pails making pouring faster, cleaner and safer. No glug pouring is now fast and safe.
VP MS98L Racing Fuel
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VP's Motorsport 98L Race Fuel is designed for lower compression engines in racing series that require a consistent, cost-effective controlled fuel. Spec Fuel for many national series because of proven consistency and power.
VP Racing Fuels Motorsport Patriotic Utility Jug
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This limited edition Patriotic VP Racing Fuel Jugs Set The Standard In Race Fuel Transportation. These VP Racing 5 Gallon Motorsports Containers actually hold 5.5 gallons to allow for thermal expansion during those hot race weekends.
14" D Shaped Fuel Funnel
These D-Shaped Fuel Funnels Are The Perfect Pit Accessories for refueling race cars, adding coolants, or transferring liquids from one container to another.