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At ChatterBox, the mission is to provide our customer with powerful and reliable systems that offer state-of-the-art design and technology. Each component of the communication line offers unique features and benefits and is built to meet exacting standards. All of the Chatterbox systems feature crystal clear reception range, portability, and a friendly price. ChatterBox communications systems are designed with interchangeable components and upgrades in mind, so that our customers can grow. Chatterbox prides themselves on our rigorous testing protocol, and our outstanding customer service. Each unit has been put through many hours of testing by our highly trained staff and top professional riders. Numerous professionals have been an integral part of our product development process. 

Chatterbox to IMSA Helmet Adapter 12" Short
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The Chatterbox to IMSA Headset Adapter lets you use your IMSA male connection from your helmet cord or the male connection on your Roux helmet and easily adapt it to the new Chatterbox Tandem 2. This adapter connects your IMSA male helmet to your new style Chatterbox.