Kart Neck Brace Comparison

Kart Neck Supports

Kart Neck Supports vary in design and operation from collars that reduce the weight of the helmet in the back while maintaining comfort everywhere else, to a revolutionary WKA approved neck collar that incorporates vital aspects of a head and neck restraint into a padded karting neck collar - DiscoveryParts has what you need to keep your head and neck protected during the rigorous demands of kart racing.

OMP Anatomic Karting Neck Collar
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The OMP Anatomic Karting Neck Collar in expanded polyurethane multi density foam with increased rigidity at the rear "fin" of the collar. Designed to anatomically fit your neck with a inclination at the back of the collar to reduce the weight on the neck for driver comfort.
Alpinestars Sequence Youth Karting Neck Roll
The new Alpinestars Youth neck support, called the Sequence neck roll, at first glance looks very much like the EVS race collars motocross racers wear. The Alpinestars Sequence neck roll is designed for youth karting and has an incredible, low $39.95 price. Alpinestars engineers designed and developed this youth neck support specifically for younger riders.
Alpinestars Youth Karting Neck Support
The Alpinestars Youth Neck Karting Support is designed specifically for young drivers and supports the helmet to help prevent neck compression injuries during an accident. The injected polymer frame has been extensively impact tested to help create an alternative load path for impact energy.