Youth Head & Neck Restraints - SFI 38.1 Protection

Youth Neck Restraints

Youth Head and Neck Supports. Head and Neck Supports/Restraints prevent the head from whipping forward and backward in a crash reducing the likelihood of head and/or neck injuries. They transfer the energy load in deceleration resulting in a much safer outcome. Support/restraint systems are a must have when racing, especially in younger racers where the neck muscles aren't quite as strong. Harnesses (belts) are equally essential, holding the race driver safely in the race seat upon any type of impact. DiscoveryParts has all of the necessary support and restraint equipment to keep your young racer safe and protected.

NecksGen REV Youth Small 2"
This NecksGen Rev SFI 38.1 Approved HNR Is The smallest Model Made. Designed for small adults & youths that utilize a 2″ wide shoulder harness. With the NecksGen REV Youth Small 2", youth racers can have safety and comfort while their family knows their racer is safe with this comfortable SFI 38.1 certified device.
Simpson Hybrid Sport - Jr. Sizes
The Hybrid Sport for junior drivers! Lighter, sleek, modern, and appealing with defined wings for seatbelt containment. The sliding tethers and patent pending multi-tether system enhance side to side range of movement and field of vision. The Hybrid Sport Jr. sizes are SFI 38.1 approved.