Stilo WRC DES Helmets w/ Free Shipping & Helmet Bag


Stilo WRC DES helmets set the standard for open face auto racing helmets. The WRC DES helmet was designed for the highest level rally drivers and navigators who demand the absolute best in helmet technology while retaining a level of comfort and visibility second to none. Racers who prefer an open face helmet make the Stilo WRC series a front runner in the open face helmet race.      

Breakthrough Design:

The WRC DES was the first open face helmet to be certified to FIA 8860 which is one of the most stringent tests known for helmets. This certification provides an unparalleled level of puncture protection as well as impact resistance. Nowhere will you find a safer open face helmet.

Breakthough Communications:

The integrated microphone boom sets the WRC DES apart from other open face helmets and gives not only a secure location for communications equipment, but forward impact protection as well.