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Kart Chest/Rib Protectors

Karting Chest & Rib Protectors serve more than one function. Protecting the chest, ribs, and kidney areas of the body are of particular concern when racing karts. DiscoveryParts carries a full line of protection devices designed to protect those critical areas. Chest protectors, rib protectors, or combination chest/rib protectors provide impact and shock dispersion upon any type of impact. Lightweight and comfortable but built tough.

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Team Valhalla Pink Armadillo Rib & Chest Protector - SFI
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Padding The Driver's Ribs, Shoulders, And Kidney Area, The SFI Armadillo Rib And Chest protector from Team Valhalla helps keep you safe during high intensity karting. The Armadillo SFI Certified Rib Vest has the most impact absorption of any certified chest protector. 
Sparco Seat Pad Set Kart
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The Sparco seat pad set for karts is designed to absorb vibration and impacts while the driver is on the track. Made from a rubberized material for durability, this padding kit will protect your seat, as well as enhance the comfort for longer stints.
OMP Carbon Rib Protector Vest
The OMP Carbon Rib Protector Vest is ergonomically designed to provide maximum protection to the ribs. The lightweight carbon fiber construction and adjustable straps mean light and comfortable fit for any driver. 
Alpinestars Bionic Youth Karting Rib Protector
Ergonomically constructed to provide protection for the ribs and kidneys, the Alpinestars Youth Bionic Rib Protector is a lightweight and comfortable option that provides impact and shock dispersion during high-intensity karting. 
Sparco Karting Elbow Pads
Sparco Elbow Pads for Karting. Take the edge off the bangs and bruising common in karting. Impact absorbing to keep you safe and cotton construction to keep you comfortable.
Sparco Karting Knee Pads
Sparco Knee Pads for Karting. Take the edge off the bangs and bruising common in karting. Impact-absorbing to keep you safe and cotton construction to keep you comfortable.
Sparco Rib Pro K7 Kart Racing Rib Protector Vest
The Rib Pro K7 rib protector adds protection and padding without adding bulk. It features hand laminated fiberglass composite shell with Sparco Impact Technology.  The Sparco Impact Technology combines proprietary 4mm EPDM material (a weather- and UV-resistant synthetic rubber) with 6mm poluyurethane foam that wraps the body and provides incredible performance in terms of anti-vibration and shock absorption. The Rib Pro K7 features adjustable shoulder straps to ensure and maintain correct placement.