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Racing is one of the most intense sports of all. Don't let the lack of preparation and insufficient out-of-date gear get in the way of your perfect lap. has what racers need and want in one place. Better yet, at the best prices. From lightweight carbon fiber helmets to ultra-breathable race suits, you can find it here! With our vast inventory, eager staff, and race-winning history, is the racer's number one choice for full-line racing safety equipment. 

SPEEDCOM Two Person Intercom
SPEEDCOM 2MPI driver coaching intercom brings features from $300+ intercom systems and offers simple, rugged and reliable driver to passenger communications.
Hans Pro Ultra Lite 20° Device
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The Lightest Hans Device You Can Get. Period. While exceeding the tough SFI 38.1 standard, the Hans Pro Ultra Lite Device weighs less than 1 lb. making this device barely noticeable while still protecting you as you expect Hans to.
CoolShirt 13 Qt Cooler Only
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This Is The Cooler Used In CoolShirt Driver Cooling Systems Popular System, The 13 QT Club System. The CoolShirt 13 Qt Cooler makes multiple cars or fast enduro swap fast and easy for racers who have limited space.
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OMP Sport OS20 Racing Suit - Cuff Leg
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SFI- and FIA-Approved Two-Layer Racing Suit With The Quality And Feel Of A Much More expensive suit.  OMP Sport OS20 Race Suit has a Nomex 2-layer construction, with standard racing cuff leg. This suit has great features, fits extremely well and has a great price. 
Stilo Pivot Kit WRC DES & Trophy Helmets
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Want to add a half height visor for your Stilo WRC DES or Trophy? This Stilo Helmet Screw Kit contains all the pieces you need to correctly attach a short, half height visor to your Stilo WRC DES or Trophy helmet. Let DiscoveryParts bring back that Stilo Race Helmet vision to new again.
Stilo ST5 Short Visor
Stilo ST5 short visors fit all Stilo ST5 SA2015 and FIA 8858/8859/8860 helmets. The new, lower height ST5 Stilo visors are available in 4 different colors to make sure you have the perfect shield for every race condition. Stilo ST5 short visors are a great way to ensure your best vision and lowest lap time.
Simpson Hybrid Sport
The Compact Simpson Hybrid Sport  Is The Most Improved Design Yet, giving you both safety and comfort. This device works in all racing seats and with no modification, while giving you the best protection in impacts from all sides. The low top provides faster and easier exits whether you are race dirt or asphalt, drag or off road. 
Stand 21 Club Series 3 FHR
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Stand 21, the first Frontal Head Restraint Manufacturer in the world, is now available in the USA! DiscoveryParts is a Stand 21 USA authorized distributor and offers the Stand 21 FHR Club Series 3. Using a refined approach and minimalist design, the Stand 21 FHR Club Series 3 weighs in at an incredible 640 Grams.
Walero Balaclava - One Eye
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Using special racing technology created by NASA, the Walero Balaclava is a superior fit for 99% of shapes and sizes. The flat lock seems provide ease of movement without irritation and active temperature regulation during the hottest race days. 
Stilo ST5 GT SA2020 Composite Helmet Silver
The legend returns. The SA2020 Stilo ST5 GT helmet carries over everything that made the SA2015 version one of the most-loved helmets on the grid. Featuring the same tall eye-port and iconic side ports of the previous generation, the SA2020 ST5 GT from Stilo is worth getting excited about. 
CoolShirt Replacement Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
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CoolShirt Lithium-Ion battery can run your CoolShirt battery powered cooler for up to 7 hours. Most racers keep a spare battery to keep one in the unit and one on the charger ready to go. When you have a CoolShirt portable system it is not uncommon to see drivers in their transporter "cooling down" between sessions or in a lawn chair in their pit stall. 
Stilo ST5 KRT20 Karting Helmet SK2020
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The Stilo ST5 KRT (Kart) Helmet turn heads with style that closely resembles the top of the range ST5 Zero helmet used by many professional racing athletes worldwide. The Stilo ST5 Kart helmet takes weight off of your shoulders with the highest level of safety. With the tough Snell K2020 rating, The Stilo ST5 Kart Helmet arrives with a 3mm thick FIA F1 standard visor - adding a dramatic improvement in safety.  EPS cheek pads provide the best in lateral crash safety, while retaining the functionality of the earmuffs to provide a comfortable aural environment for communication.
Arai GP-5W, CK-6 Tear Offs
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 Arai Tear-Offs For The GP-5W and SK-5 Line of Helmets Offer a Thick (10 mil.) Protective Layer. Protect your Arai Helmet shield from rocks, dirt, and debris with these 10mm thick tearoffs. Extends the life of your shield by drastically reducing pitting and scratches. 
Molecule Helmet Cleaner & Polish 4oz
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Keep Your Helmets and Visors Clean and Shiny Over Long Racing Weekends with Molecule Labs Helmet Cleaner & Polish. This spray is designed to clean, shine, and protect. Safe to use on all finishes including flat and matte.
Cool-X Hose Assembly for CoolShirt and F.A.S.T Fits Roux R-1 Helmets
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How does the Roux Helmet Cooling Work? Great question that is answered with both a simple and complex answer. Starting at the helmet, Roux uses a one-piece block that connects to the two dry-break fittings located on the right side of your Roux R-1 Composite and Carbon helmets. The fiberglass helmets do not have the Cool-X option.
Stilo ST5 & ST4 Indy Aero Kit
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For ultra hi-speed open cockpit racers, the Stilo Indy Aero Kit reduces helmet buffeting with ground speeds over 200mph. The Stilo Indy kit has proven itself at the Brickyard and is our aero upgrade for our over 200mph crowd. The Stilo Indy Kit Stabilizes Your Helmet and stops buffeting and lifting at high speeds.
Bell Shield Hex Wrench Key
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The 2 Sided Bell Shield Hex Wrench Key has 2 Different Sizes for easy removal of your helmet shield.
Sabelt Challenge TB-3 Race Shoe
The Sabelt Challenge TB-3 Race Boot features soft padding around the ankle and sides of the foot, is composed of FIA 8856-2000 approved suede leather, detailed embroidered accents, soft puff panels for extra cushion comfort, a back digit panel sole for floor board and pedal grip, and flame retardant FIA approved brand tags. 
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Stand 21 Heat Stress Control Top - White 5952
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SMALL LEFT. The Stand 21 Heat Stress Control Top is constructed from a lightweight fabric with exceptional moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool in the most intense races to maximize driver comfort and performance. Certified to the FIA 8856-2000 standard.
Bell 281 Anti-Fog insert - Fits Bell BR.1, M-4, Sport
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The 281 Anti-Fog Shield Insert By Bell Converts Your Bell Shield into the highest performing Anti Fog, UV blocking visor. The 20-mil polycarbonate insert has anti-fog coating technology that prevents fogging and absorbs over 98% of UV rays.
DiscoveryParts SA2015 Clear Shield
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The DiscoveryParts Sportsman Clear Shield Fits SA2015 the DiscoveryParts Carbon & Performer Series Helmets and many others. This is a direct replacement for all DiscoveryParts SA2015 full face helmets, RaceQuip and Pyrotect SA2015 full face helmets, and of course includes tear-off posts.
Stilo Hans Zero Device 30°
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Utilizing An All New Design, The Hans Zero Device is the lightest Hans Device Yet. This device is a perfect match for the current generation ultra light helmets like the Stilo Zero, but is also perfect for any racer who wants to take a load off their shoulders. 
Stilo ST5 Helmet Visor Clear No Anti-Fog Treatment
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Stilo YA0851 is a special visor for Dirt and Off-Road racers. What makes the Stilo Clear visor without the Anti-Fog treament special is you can now use Plexus or any other premium plastic polish as the shield was never treated with the special Stilo Anti-Fog treatment on the inside. 
Schuberth SP1 Wiring Kit - Earcups w/ Boom Mic
Upgrade your Schuberth SP1 helmet with integrated speaker kits. Schuberth integrated speaker kits are designed to isolate ambient noise more effectively than earbud-style speakers, reducing driver fatigue and adding to driver comfort. This wiring kit includes noise-reducing earcups, a boom-style microphone, and an IMSA connector. 
CoolShirt 135 CFM Air Blower System
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Let This Blower System Deliver Relief From The Heat In Your Helmet. CoolShirt's ABS-C 135 CFM provides clean, fresh air to the racer's helmet from the racecar's outside intake. Hot-blooded drivers - this is your system.
Simpson Midtop Nomex Race Shoes SFI 3.3/5
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What makes up the #1 selling Simpson Shoe - The Simpson MidTop? Let's start with midtop for comfort, non-slip for pedal grip and feel, triple laper toe for wear, achilles relief cut for flexibility, and SFI 3.3/5 certification. All this and a price of $99.99, you are now talking about Simpson's #1 selling race shoe, the Simpson MidTop.
CoolShirt Cool Water White Cotton Shirt
The classic coolshirt you have seen for over 20 years, with a few updates. CoolShirt Cool Water white cotton shirt has no tubing over the shoulders for comfort while wearing a HANS device, but also has over 50' of tubing. CoolShirt's Cool Water white cotton CoolShirt is seen at every racetrack every weekend keeping drivers cool and focused.
Simpson 882 Replacement Shield - Fits Voyager Models
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882 Series Replacement Helmet Shields From Simpson fit the popular Simpson Voyager, Super Voyager and Sidewinder Voyager series helmets. Constructed from crystal clear Lexan, these helmet shields will give you "like new" vision for your Simpson helmet. They're available in your choice of clear, light smoke, smoke, iridium, and high-resolution amber finishes.
Stilo ST5 Top Air Kit - New Round Connector
This is the new, easy to connect round Stilo ST5 Top Air coupler. Stilo helmets size 55cm to 59cm use the Stilo YA0853 and the larger shell 60cm to 64cm use ths YA0859. This is a great improvement over the oval connection that could be difficult to attach your round CoolShirt connector to. 
G-Force G5 SFI-5 Race Gloves - Black
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Designed To Meet Stringent SFI-5 Requirements, The G-FORCE G5 RaceGrip Gloves give the racer the lightweight feel and flexibility. Premium-quality Nomex and leather are used, along with a reinforced leather palm and knuckle pad and adjustable Velcro® wrist closure.
Stilo Comfort Noise Reduction Ear Pillows
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For all Stilo Helmets, The Stilo Comfort Noise Reduction Ear Pillows are the perfect replacement for the noise attenuating earmuffs when the driver wants to hear more cockpit and sounds. The Stilo noise attenuating earmuffs do an excellent job of reducing driver noise levels by perfectly sealing the drivers ear, sometimes you want a little more auditory feedback.
Trac-Com Student Helmet Boom
Trac-Com Student Boom, also called a Trac-Com student headset, is the most popular of the Trac-Com headsets. Easy to slip inside your helmet next to your ear, the heavy-duty, but thin, cable is a full 4' long to make sure the cable is never too short or in the way. 
Stilo Pivot Kit ST5 Shield Only Red
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Stilo ST5 replacement shield pivot kit for all Stilo ST5 helmets in red. This is the same pivot kit that came standard on all Stilo ST5 Composite, Offshore, Carbon, 8860 and 8860 Zero helmets but with deep red anodizing
CoolShirt Cool Water Black Cotton Shirt
CoolShirt Black Cotton CoolShirt with your choice of sides to connect your cooler hose. This CoolShirt Racing Cooling Shirt Has No Tubing Over Your Shoulders For Excellent Cooling With a HANS-friendly design. CoolShirt's Cool Water black cotton CoolShirt is seen at every racetrack every weekend keeping drivers cool and focused.
Stilo Side Air Adapter Kit
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Easily Add Forced Air Into Your Stilo ST4 and Stilo ST5 series helmets with the Stilo side air adapter kit.  This lightweight aluminum adapter installs on your Stilo side port and lets you connect our 135cfm CoolShirt helmet air blower system or 235cfm CoolShirt helmet air blower system to your Stilo side air adapter hose kit.
Stilo ST5 GT SA2020 Composite Helmet Matte Black
The legend returns. The SA2020 Stilo ST5 GT helmet carries over everything that made the SA2015 version one of the most-loved helmets on the grid. Featuring the same tall eye-port and iconic side ports of the previous generation, the SA2020 ST5 GT from Stilo is worth getting excited about. 
SPEEDCOM Single Ear Headset
SPEEDCOM SCC-SEIH single ear intercom headset connects to all SPEEDCOM intercom units and features a built-in IMSA (4C) male connector for simple, reliable driver to passenger communications.