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Kart Covers. To protect your kart from the elements.

Sparco Kart Cover
Protect your Kart from any weather with Sparco's best kart cover. Created in a dual-color starting with reflective silver and a contrasting center cowl in racing red or speed blue. Sparco's Kart Cover is constructed from a durable fabric to help protect your kart from the elements between sprints at your local test day to your first WKA final.
OMP K Style Pro Kart Cover
Some kart cover are good, but the OMP K-Style Kart Cover is the best. Made from thick non-tearing heavy duty polymid nylon material with a hearty elastic perimiter band, this cover will not come off, unless you want it off. From OMP, supplier to top F1 teams, will not disappoint you with their new K Style Kart Cover.