Race Car Brake Cooling Ducts, Hose, and Stainless Mesh

Brake Ducting

Brake cooling ducts and hose lowers your brake temperature by routing ram-air to your brake rotor and caliper. Using this non-horsepower robbing method has been universally accepted even with the parasitic drag increase. Hold off rotor cracks and crumbled/cracked brake pads due to overheating and keep your racing budget in check. Having the correct racing brake ducts with the appropriately sized brake cooling hose is one of the most economical brake improvements you can make. Trust DiscoveryParts to make you go slower faster.

Hi-Temp Brake Duct Hose - Silicone 3 Inch
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Allstar Silicone 3 inch x 10 feet (orange) Brake Duct Hose Flows Air Smoothly To Keep your brake temperature as low as possible. 
Allstar Performance Single Brake Duct - Black - 5-1/2" x 8" 42140
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Allstar brake cooling ram air single hole headlight mount duct fits behind most driving light holes, front fascia, and grills to direct massive amounts of air to your hot brake system. This duct has a 3-inch outlet and can be trimmed even smaller than the 5.5" x 8" if needed. 
Offset Single Brake Duct -Black - 5" x 9 3/4"
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Our most popular universal ram-air brake duct, measuring 5" x 9-3/4" with an offset inlet for easier fitment is constructed of race-worthy black ABS plastic for minimal weight and maximum strength.
Single Clear NACA Duct
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Allstarr Single NACA Duct in Clear Measures 10.5 in. x 6 in., 3 in. O.D. Hose Connection, The QuickCar NACA Duct Moves Air From The Side Of The Vehicle To Brakes, Driver Helmet, Windshield Defog, Trans Cooler, etc.
QuickCar Clear Dual NACA Duct
These Dual QuickCar Brake Cooling Ducts/Universal Ducts Are Ideal For Ducting Air into the car from side windows or surfaces that would not normally have any air movement. They are manufactured from durable materials and can be installed in any position. Clear

Hi-Temp Brake Duct Hose - Neoprene 5 Inch
If you need to add brake duct hose to your track or race car, give these lightweight neoprene brake duct hoses a try! These high-temp hoses direct air from front mounted air ducts to spindle ducts for brake cooling.