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Cobra Racing Seats come in 6 different models, each one available in different versions. Cobra race seats are recognized over the world for their elite level of quality, comfort, and unique but classic style. The Cobra Monaco Pro, Cobra Imola, Cobra Suzuka, Cobra Sebring, Cobra Evolution and Cobra Racer 7 are in winning racecars every weekend. 

Cobra Sebring Pro Fit Seat - GT (+30mm) Width
The Sebring Pro-Fit Diolen/GRP Race Seat in GT (+30mm) Width is a world-class professional competition seat that is one of the safest and ergonomically correct seats available in the market. The Sebring Pro-Fit is incredibly rigid but is still the lightest seat in its class.
Cobra Sebring Pro Ultralite
The Cobra Sebring Pro Ultralite is a professional competition seat that is based on the Sebring Pro but fabricated in pure, immensely strong autoclave carbon.