Kart Racing Driver Cooling Systems & Shirts

Kart Driver Cooling

Kart Driver Cooling Systems and shirts have evolved over the years. From first stuffing a wet washcloth under your shirt to completely portable self powered systems that put 52° degree water next to your skin. We know the fastest lap was never put down when forcing the kart through every corner, but when the driver is focused and comfortable. Consistency is key and as the long race weekend continues, know you have the extra advantage the hotter it gets.

CoolShirt Kart Shirt - Extra Long Hose
Keep Cooler in your kart with a CoolShirt Kart Shirt (with extra long lead hose) Keeps you cooler than technical or plain cotton shirts. CoolShirt Kart shirts are compatible with all ice-water based systems. Superior moisture-wicking and anti-microbial protection with “Clean seam” tubing sewn into interior of garment.
CoolShirt Kart Bag System - Self Powered
This Self Powered CoolShirt Kart Bag System is the Ultimate Portable Cooler For Kart Racers.Powered by the onboard 7.2V lithium-ion battery, simply go from kart to drivers meeting to kart all with 52 degree cold water keeping you cool. Be ready for the hottest race weekends.
CoolShirt Kart Bag System - Kart Powered
CoolShirt Self Powered Kart system is ready for the hottest race weekends. CoolShirt Kart Bag System is the Ultimate Portable Cooler For Kart Racers. Powered by your kart battery, stay cool this summer.