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Racing is one of the most intense sports of all. Don't let the lack of preparation and insufficient out-of-date gear get in the way of your perfect lap. has what racers need and want in one place. Better yet, at the best prices. From lightweight carbon fiber helmets to ultra-breathable race suits, you can find it here! With o...

Racing is one of the most intense sports of all. Don't let the lack of preparation and insufficient out-of-date gear get in the way of your perfect lap. has what racers need and want in one place. Better yet, at the best prices. From lightweight carbon fiber helmets to ultra-breathable race suits, you can find it here! With our vast inventory, eager staff, and race-winning history, is the racer's number one choice for full-line racing safety equipment. 



  • Driver Health

    As a driver, it's important to manage your physical health so you can keep hitting track days.

  • Race Equipment Rental

    Rent Racing Helmets and HANS Devices for your next ChampCar, Lemons, NASA, SCCA track weekend. DiscoveryParts has you covered for your Hi Performance driving safety needs shipped to you or at Atlanta Motorsports Park. We offer SA2015 Lightweight Carbon Fiber Helmets (in both open face and full face) for rent to keep you safe. Trust DiscoveryParts to keep you safe as you challenge your limits and those of your machine.

  • Communicators

    Driver to passenger in-car communication is one of the fastest ways to bring your driving skills to the next level. Even in a stock-exhaust vehicle, the wind noise at 100+ mph can interfere with your driver coach's instruction. We all have heard the joke about the V8 driver that misheard the coach's scream "Brake Brake Brake!" for "Great Great Great!" causing the driver to stay fully accelerated through the corner, scaring the heeby-jeebies our of the instructor. There's a reason for a driver communication system being one of the most common topics talked about in a group 1 meeting.

  • Cooling Systems

    The most common statement from a racer who just purchased a driver cooling system is "Why didn't I get this sooner?" Ultimately, the best sales person for a driver cooling system is the racer parked next to you in the paddock. We encourage you to walk over and ask the famous racer question "Is it worth it?" The answer is not just a "yes" but "I should have gotten it sooner" or "I'd never drive without it." With only a 2% loss in hydration, racer reaction times alone can be reduced by as much as 20%. Racer driver cooling systems help you keep your cool so you can focus on driving and achieve the improvements you strive for. This is the easiest way to correct the "drift" you see after 15 minutes in the race car. DiscoveryParts carries the best driver cooling systems from ChillOut Systems, CoolShirt and Fast to keep the fastest racers up front. 

  • Gloves

    We've got auto racing gloves for every racing application. From your first driving experience with a factory wheel to your first endurance event with a suede wheel, DiscoveryParts has the correct glove for you. Open cockpit or dirt racing - you need some kind of knuckle protection. Door slammer with power steering - then a thin glove with less padding may be for you. Shop the best in styles and features from Alpinestars, G-Force, OMP, Sparco, and more. If you become overwhelmed by all of the choices from our awesome various supply, call the racing experts at DiscoveryParts to help!

  • HANS / Neck Restraints

    We've got Atlanta's best selection of Hans Devices and SFI 38.1 Head & Neck Restraints. offers the Atlanta racer a full selection of Head & Neck Restraints from the best in the business. Simpson, Schroth, Hans, and NecksGen are available. So, be sure to stop by our showroom to make sure you get the most comfortable device that fits your racing budget.

  • Helmets

    The right helmet can have a big impact on your practice sessions and race day. offers a full selection of SA2020, FIA 8856 and FIA 8860 helmets and accessories. Our online store allows us to provide new and experienced drivers across the country with the auto racing gear they need. Our vast selection features leading brands: Arai, Bell, G-Force, OMP, Schuberth, Simpson, Sparco, Stilo, and our house brand, saving you even more.

    As a racing gear retailer run by people who love auto racing, we know exactly what you need from your first Drivers Ed to your check-in at the Rolex 24.

    We understand consistency breeds speed. When you have the right racing gear, you enjoy every lap of every test day and will race even more. DiscoveryParts has the knowledge and resources to provide you with the best service in your quest for the perfect automotive racing helmet. 

    DiscoveryParts offers the best in SA2020 auto racing helmets for every type of kart, formula car, and production racing for every budget.

  • Helmet Shields & Parts

    Tear-off posts, pivot kits, aero kits, forced-air components, and shields in different tints for every race condition to keep you in front of the pack. Genuine Helmet Shields, accessories and parts for Arai, Bell, G-Force, OMP, Roux, Schuberth, Sparco, Simpson, Stilo, and DiscoveryParts Auto Racing Helmets.

  • Shoes

    Get your Race Shoes here. This is an item of apparel used by every driver every weekend. When you first started in this sport of auto racing, your instructor explained the tire contact patch. The tire contact patch, in a corner, will be maybe 4" x 6" in the front and 6" x 8" in the rear. Every modification you have done to your racer comes down to this contact patch - bigger cams, thinner head gasket, ported intake, lightweight body panels and race seat, lexan windows.  The list can continue on and on. Your shoes keep you connected with that contact patch.

    Finesse, feel, and comfort are the features we look for in a pair of auto racing shoes.

    From straight line braking, transitioning into trail braking, squeezing the accelerator past apex, to all the way down as we track out the edge of the track, clipping the outside rumble strip. The ultimate connection to the contact patch is through many things and a good pair of racing shoes is at the top of that list. 

    The experts at DiscoveryParts can assist you with your next racing shoe purchase. A driver just starting in a modified street legal M3 with vacuum assisted brakes would use a different shoe than a Radical SR8 RX with manual brakes and cockpit controlled brake bias. Have a wide foot, narrow heal cup and a small foot box in your car?  Let the experts at DiscoveryParts get you the correct pair of auto racing shoes the first time. 

  • Suits

    There is few other feelings in life that compare to putting on your race suit. It really makes you feel ALIVE: your heart beats faster, a nervous calm sets in as you drive the perfect line in your mind. Every turn-in, apex, track out and defensive line you have ever driven has prepared you for this next race.

    Why are you wearing that race suit? That's a question we push into the back of our minds and try not to ponder on. We all know someone who has been in a race car fire, and luckily, they were wearing a racing suit. The time and distance required to bring a racer from 120 mph to a complete stop and remove the items that keep us comfortable and safe (driver cooling systems, radio connections, drink bottles, racing harness, window nets) is much longer than you think - 20 seconds on average.

    That is why DiscoveryParts offers the full line of Auto Racing Suits from the best in the industry - Alpinestars, G-Force, OMP and Sparco Auto Racing Suits -  in every price bracket to keep you safe and comfortable.

    Comfort, Style, Breathability and Price are some of the features that help us decide what Auto Racing Suit is perfect for your next race. We at DiscoveryParts offer every option to get you to your first driver school to a Custom OMP Suit as you prepare for the 24.

    Has the tire or engine budget taken more than is should have? Check the DiscoveryParts Clearance Suit Section for limited time deep discounted Auto Racing Suits to keep the budget in check. 

  • Underwear

    You have your racecar.  You have your race suit, helmet, and race gloves. You are ready to go, right? What about your base layer undergarments? There are certain potential hazards in racing.  If a fire event were to happen inside your racecar, seconds count. DiscoveryParts offers a full line of base layer undergarments that provide that necessary layer of fire protection between the racesuit and the racecar driver. There are many innovative fabrics used in the construction of base layer undergarments and all have inherent heat and flame resistant properties allowing for extra seconds of protection from heat transfer.  Base layers are designed to be lightweight and breathable, with flat seams for comfort.  From balaclavas to socks, DiscoveryParts offers base layer undergarments that totally encompass the driver in head to toe protection.

  • Casual Wear

    DiscoveryParts has more casual wear than you can shake a 6 speed shifter at. Auto Racing Casual Gear from Alpinestars, Sparco, OMP and more keep you organized, comfortable, and stylish. AlpineStars Hats, Sparco Shirts & Hoodies and OMP soft goods make every track weekend more comfortable. Comfort equals speed. Take a look at DiscoveryParts casual gear department and enjoy the track even more. 

  • Gear Bags

    Show up in style with Gear Bags for Helmets, Race Suits, Shoes and more. DiscoveryParts carries an extensive line of Gear Bags designed especially for racers. Our Gear Bags are constructed from special lightweight abrasion resistant materials, have heavy duty zippers, and compartments specially designed for the organization of specific racing items (helmets, hans, shields, etc.), and often feature vents to keep things fresh. Perfect for racing yet stylish and versatile enough to carry to any non-race event! Some are even allowed as a carry on with most major airlines.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 1075 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 1075 items