OMP Auto Racing Gear Bag


OMP Travel Gear Bags @ DiscoveryParts - THE supplier of quality gear bags.  OMP offers a variety of gear bags to suit your specific race gear transport and storage needs. Durable, abrasion resistant construction. Handsome black with grey accents.

OMP Helmet & Hans Helmet Bag
From the 2016 OMP Luggage Line, OMP offers a Versatile Helmet and Hans Device Bag, The OMP Helmet & Hans Helmet Bag holds Your Helmet and your Hans Device securely. This one bag does it all with the OMP Helmet and Hans Helmet Bag.
OMP One Backpack
From the 2016 OMP Luggage Line, OMP brings the One Backpack. Not designed to hold your helmet, but everything you need to support your race operations on the technical side. It perfectly holds your laptop, notebook, hat, sunblock, clipboard, tablet and all the necessary cables to make a race weekend.