Recaro Competition Seats


Recaro has been making seats for over 100 years and that becomes very evident as soon as you see the quality and feel the fit. Racing is Recaro's heritage and their current line is a culmination of their history. To be a factory supplier for Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG and the VW Group, you are considered an industry standard.

Recaro P 1300 GT FIA8862-2009 Race Seat
Recaro P 1300 GT is FIA Homologated to the tough FIA8862-2009, optimized for driver confort and compatibility with your HANS device, and proven race safe.  Over 50 years of testing and manufacturing detail come together in the P 1300 GT.
Recaro Pro Racer Hans SPA XL Race Seat
Recaro reshaped the area around the shoulders of the Pro Racer Hans SPA XL Race Seat putting it at the top of the list for HANS compatiblity in seats. Ultra lightweight carbon fiber composite and special belt slots to cover the widest range of belt application. You won't find a safer, more comfortable seat!
Recaro Pro Racer Hans SPG Race Seat Standard
This seat is specifically designed for use with the HANS device. Anyone regularly spending time under the conditions of a green flag owe it to their loved ones to seriously consider using a HANS device. This seat makes it more comfortable and adds a little bit of safety on top of it.
Recaro Pole Position Race Seat
Looking to gain the competitive edge over other racers? Go with RECARO and the all new and improved RECARO Pole Position N.G. racing seat. The most common thing said is that you can "feel the difference" when sitting in a RECARO.