Bell Cheek Pad Insert Size Guide

Cheek Pad Inserts

Bell cheek pad insert kits are designed to fit between your existing cheek pad to let you fine tune your helmet for a perfect fit. Available in different thicknesses, the Bell Cheek Pad Inserts fit into the special factory-installed slot built into all Bell SA2010 and SA2015 helmets. 

Bell Cheek Pad Insert Size Guide: Our most popular size is 15mm. When you purchase a Bell Helmet, we size the helmet for the crown of your head. That will be your correct helmet size that we start with. For about 60% of the racers, the helmet is perfect out of the box. For the other 40%, we use the Bell Cheek Pad kits to fine tune and tighten up the cheek area for a snug and safe helmet. Bell Cheek Pad Insert Kits come in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm for a custom fit for everyone, even if your head is shaped like a light bulb (that would make you a 20mm).

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