Simpson SFI Auto Racing Shoes


Every pro race series has drivers that lace up a pair of Simpson racing shoes before climbing into their racecar. Look at the paddock, specifically at the longtime racers, and focus on what they are wearing. Also, take a look at that longtime racer and notice which old pair of shoes they keep for back-up on a really rainy or muddy weekend. Even though they have worn thin, it is the pair of race shoes they just can't get rid of - Simpson. Many hard, fought race miles have been put into the record books using those Simpson race shoes so they are kept for a reason. Count on Simpson Racing to provide protection, pedal feel, and the look that every driver needs. 

Simpson Midtop Nomex Race Shoes SFI 3.3/5
What makes up the #1 selling Simpson Shoe - The Simpson MidTop? Let's start with midtop for comfort, non-slip for pedal grip and feel, triple laper toe for wear, achilles relief cut for flexibility, and SFI 3.3/5 certification. All this and a price of $99.99, you are now talking about Simpson's #1 selling race shoe, the Simpson MidTop.
Simpson High Top Driving Shoes
The High Top Driving Shoe From Simpson Is More Popular than any other shoe in the world. The fit, support, and quality of the Simpson High Top Shoes are the standards by which to judge all other shoes. Blue and red colors and discontinued but can check sizing for you.