Spa Technique Steering Wheels

Spa Technique

If you walk the pro pits, take a look at the open cockpit pole sitter. Chances are, there is a SPA Technique steering wheel installed on this machine. Spa Technique is built for the rigors of professional motorsports in the harshest of environments. Your floorboard may be flooded, your visor fogged up, and water spray coming up 6 feet high off your tires, but your SPA Technique wheel with built in shift lights will be perfectly clear. Racers do not win by luck, they win through preparation.

SPA Technique Integral Shift Light
SPA Techniques Three-Stage Shift Light - Full tachometer function - New compact, small case (only 63x60x21 mm) - Digital filtering (easy connection to any ignition system) - Magneto option selectable in menu (ideal for Karts) - Built in 3 stage shift lights - Selectable shift light flash (all LEDs can be programmed to flash on and off)