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"A lot of Formula One drivers, including myself, still love driving karts because it's very, very raw". Quote: Ayrton Senna.

All of F1's stellar names, such as double world champions Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, seven-time drivers' championship winner Michael Schumacher, the first American Porsche factory drive...

"A lot of Formula One drivers, including myself, still love driving karts because it's very, very raw". Quote: Ayrton Senna.

All of F1's stellar names, such as double world champions Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, seven-time drivers' championship winner Michael Schumacher, the first American Porsche factory driver Patrick Long, and last but not least, our friend and Atlanta Motorsports Park member Nelson Canache Jr., started racing on kart tracks.

A quote by Ayrton Senna "I suppose it's like learning new languages when you're young. Karting is the best way for you to get a feel of how to race each other, dealing with the competition, dealing with winning, dealing with losing, and you soak up so much at a young age and learn very fast"

Kart racing brings the family together, not just on Saturday mornings, but preparation before the race. I work with my sons to reach our goal- stay close, show respect, earn what you want to have, learn to work together, and feel good about being on the top of the podium from the hard work. As the months and weeks pass, I see my young boys grow and mature. Some of the things I did by myself are now being done by my boys working with each other. Tire pressures, fluid checks, AIM Mychron dash settings, are now a routine for my boys and done with pride as racers. I stand back as a proud father with a smile and watch my boys mature as we spend time together. Even mom gets in on the action sometimes. I am proud to have taught my boys to earn what they wanted to accomplished. I get to feel what Nelson Canache Sr. feels every time Nelson Canache Jr. races Le Mans or Tudor series  except we are in our back yard at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

With karting, winning is great, but the trip of getting there is worth more. has whatever any kart racer needs and dreams of. From the Team Valhalla 360 Neck Support, Alpinestars KMX-1 race suit, Sparco lightweight kart shoes and Bell GP2 Hero Kinetic helmets. DiscoveryParts currently competes in Rotax Master in a Tony Kart EVR, Rotax Senior in a Birel, and goes old school in a Sodi KT100. At DiscoveryParts we know and love karting.



  • Kart Chest/Rib Protectors

    Karting Chest & Rib Protectors serve more than one function. Protecting the chest, ribs, and kidney areas of the body are of particular concern when racing karts. DiscoveryParts carries a full line of protection devices designed to protect those critical areas. Chest protectors, rib protectors, or combination chest/rib protectors provide impact and shock dispersion upon any type of impact. Lightweight and comfortable but built tough.

  • Kart Data / Video

    Kart Racing Data Acquisition/Video. A data acquisition system measures and records important vehicle parameters via sensors, optical beacons, and even GPS. These parameters can be analyzed to gain insight into the behavior of the engine, chassis, and driver, which can ultimately result in greater predictability and better performance on race day. Data acquisition is the key to unlocking free speed! Over recent years, data acquisition systems have become powerful tools that are vital to success at all levels of motorsports. Or, maybe you want to share a video of your winning lap and podium photo op with family and friends - we've got you covered there too. Let us maximize your machine and you with our full line of data acquisition and video products.

  • Kart Driver Cooling

    Kart Driver Cooling Systems and shirts have evolved over the years. From first stuffing a wet washcloth under your shirt to completely portable self powered systems that put 52° degree water next to your skin. We know the fastest lap was never put down when forcing the kart through every corner, but when the driver is focused and comfortable. Consistency is key and as the long race weekend continues, know you have the extra advantage the hotter it gets.

  • Kart Gloves

    Kart Racing Gloves - what are the differences? Racing in hot conditions? Choose gloves featuring an ultra-lightweight and breathable spandex/mesh construction for maximum cooling during the hot summer months. How about cold conditions?  We have gloves that are perfect for any cold or wet weather kart races. Special construction has a full fleece lining for warmth, and a water-resistant main construction. Whatever your karting glove requirements are, shop the best in styles and features from Alpinestars, G-Force, OMP, Sparco and more at DiscoveryParts.

  • Kart Helmets

    Karting Helmets specifically designed for the rigorous demands of high speed kart racing. We offer a wide selection from the top manufacturers in the racing helmet business. Some of the lightest and most aero helmets we have ever tested are here from manufacturers like Arai, Bell Racing, G-Force Racing Gear, OMP, Simpson, Stilo, Sparco, and DiscoveryParts.

  • Kart Neck Supports

    Kart Neck Supports vary in design and operation from collars that reduce the weight of the helmet in the back while maintaining comfort everywhere else, to a revolutionary WKA approved neck collar that incorporates vital aspects of a head and neck restraint into a padded karting neck collar - DiscoveryParts has what you need to keep your head and neck protected during the rigorous demands of kart racing.

  • Kart Shoes

    Kart Racing Shoes need to have finesse, feel, comfort, and durability. Connection to your kart is through many things and a good pair of karting shoes is nearing the top of the list. Lightweight, abrasion resistance, pedal sensitivity, and rubber soles offering superior levels of grip in all weather conditions are all important features. We even offer a karting rain boot so the bad weather won't get you down! Shop our line of karting shoes from the best in the business.

  • Kart Suits

    Karting Suits provide protection - whether it’s from the sun, another driver, or the tire wall - it’s something we would all need. We can help with protecting yourself on track with a correctly fitting, comfortable, breathable kart race suit. There are things you need to consider when choosing a kart racing suit. Fit, comfort, and rating are just a few. Let the experts at DiscoveryParts help you find your perfect karting suit to run your best laps.

  • Kart Tools

    Kart Tools. There are a lot of factors involved in keeping your kart running at peak performance levels.  Measurements need to be taken, fluids need to be regulated, and set-ups need to be spot on to assure you kart is running at its best level possible. DiscoveryParts has the kart tools to help you run your best at any track.

  • Kart Underwear

    Why wear special underwear when karting? Technical Karting Underwear, also called base layer, is as important to karting as your race suit itself. Moisture wicking properties and pre-curved arms and legs make the difference between the sports underwear and kart racing underwear. Sure, the technical shirt you have wicks moisture, but once you try on a garment with pre-curved arms and legs made for the exact angles used in karting, you understand. Endurance kart racers, make your time behind the wheel not just more comfortable, but faster with kart underwear that does not "ride up" and stays where it should be. 

  • Kart Closeouts

    The best kart racing equipment in the industry doesn't come cheap. Not usually anyway. As one of the top retailers of superior kart racing gear, is always working to find the newest and best equipment. Our staff of racers and track drivers make sure we have the latest and highest rated equipment available. This means that sometimes we replace items in our inventory with newer models that feature the next level of technology. This makes for great news if you are looking for brand new gear at a discount, and is ready to get you your new racegear for less.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 223 items