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Youth Harness

Youth racing harness sets for Jr. Dragster & Quarter Midget competition. A high quality safety harness with proper installation will do its part to make sure your young racer is ready for the rest of the season. Belt placement is critical -making sure the belts follow a natural "flow" of direction from the buckle to the chassis - as is making sure there are no sharp bends or abrasion.  Spend the extra time on your youth harness installation and enjoy many seasons knowing your racer is as safe as possible.

G-Force SFI 16.2 Qtr Midget & Jr Dragster Harness
Designed specifically for junior drivers in Qtr Midget and Jr Dragster applications, the G-Force 6460 5-point harness from G-Force is a perfect fit while providing the added safety of polyester webbing while being SFI 16.2 Certified. This Junior latch link 5 Point Harness with individual shoulder straps also includes 5 Bolt on ends.