Auto Racing Helmets | Carbon Fiber | Lightweight Composite | SA2015


DiscoveryParts SA Helmets make features of helmets that originally cost twice the price available to the weekend racer or any racer on a budget.

DiscoveryParts' house brand is the helmet that you have seen every track weekend without even being aware of it. Our supplier is the direct manufacturer. For over 17 years we have manufactured, in-house, Snell and FIA certified auto racing helmets. Other brands put their decals and logos on helmets and bump up the price. We, at DiscoveryParts, purchase direct from the US National distributor to save you even more of your racing budget, so you can get more bang for your buck. Take a look below at our most popular and very lightweight auto racing helmets. Do a little searching next time you're trackside and you will see your exact helmet, only you saved a few more dollars. 

Look to DiscoveryParts for Lightweight Carbon Fiber SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets. Open and Full Face, Nomex lined, Kevlar Chin Strap, and of course a lightweight Carbon Fiber shell, at a great price.

DiscoveryParts Junior Pro Youth SFI 24.1 2015 Helmet
Excellent Fit In A Smaller Configuration - The Junior Pro Youth Helmet is designed specifically for younger racers in need of a fire retardant helmet. Lightweight and great style come together for a helmet that is SFI 24.1 2015 Certified and offers the same protection and features DiscoveryParts has developed in their professional racing helmets.