Racetech seat side brackets, passionate to the tiniest of details and available for every Racetech race seat. Your choice of aluminum or steel, Racetech mount brackets are the preferred seat mount for all Racetech seats.

Racetech RTB1005M Seat Side Brackets
Milled Aluminium. Racetech RTB1005M  Bracket Set For The Racetech RT1000, RT4000W, R4000WX, RTSaker, RTRoad, RTROADW side-mounting seats. Same shape as the RTB1003S, but half the weight.
Racetech Aluminum Side Mount Bracket
Racetech RTB1009M mill-finish 5083 aluminium bracket for Racetech side-mounting seats. This pair (does one seat) of 5083 lightweight aluminum alloy is a solid, but easy to mount 5mm thick and fits all Racetech 4009/9009 and 9129 series race seats. 
Racetech Steel Side Mount Bracket
Racetech RTB2009S satin black powdercoated 3mm steel brackets for side mounting your RaceTech race seat. Sold as a pair for cost effective, but slightly heavier, mounting option. Alongside our new 4100 Series seats, we have developed a classy, but affordable, new bracket set