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Roux Helmets bring integration to auto racing helmets. Roux has noted racer feedback to bring features such as integrated electronics, liquid helmet cooling, driver hydration and more as included options on some of their helmets. Using materials from composite to full carbon, Roux helmets - including fully loaded ones - are on the light side using a new, modern shell shape and design process. 

Roux was founded in 2014 by veteran racers Juan Carlos Leroux and Toto Lassally. Juan Carlos and Toto have over 40 combined years of racing. They have won countless races and championships all over the globe, from the SCCA Run-Offs to the 24 Hours of Dubai. Roux Helmets are the result of Juan Carlos' and Toto's firsthand knowledge being applied to a product.

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Closeout Roux R-1C Composite Loaded SA2015 Helmet - Silver
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Roux R-1 Composite SA2015 helmet is constructed from a Kevlar and fiberglass composite blend to give incredible strength and a light weight. Roux Composite Helmets are fully loaded with integrated radio electronics, driver hydration, emergency release system, and liquid cooling.
Roux R-1F Fiberglass Loaded SA2020 Helmet
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Roux R-1 Fiberglass SA2020 helmet is Roux's entry-level R-1 series helmet featuring a lightweight Fiberglass shell that is both Snell and FIA-8859 rated. Despite the value-oriented price, the R-1 still comes fully equipped with an integrated drink tube and radio gear, complete with noise-cancelling microphone and speaker pods.