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Go to Genuine Roux Upgrades to add Hydration, Top Forced-air, or even RAM air to keep the hottest of racers cool and hydrated. We also offer all the little Roux Helmet pieces to make sure you are aware of every benefit of your over-designed Roux helmet.

Cool-X Hose Assembly for CoolShirt and F.A.S.T Fits Roux R-1 Helmets
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How does the Roux Helmet Cooling Work? Great question that is answered with both a simple and complex answer. Starting at the helmet, Roux uses a one-piece block that connects to the two dry-break fittings located on the right side of your Roux R-1 Composite and Carbon helmets. The fiberglass helmets do not have the Cool-X option.
Roux Helmet Liquid Cooling Adapter
Your Roux Composite and Carbon helmets came with one of the best driver cooling systems we have ever used. By using recirculating CoolShirt water from your CoolShirt cooler we get that perfect temperature 52° water flowing through the built in Roux Cool-X system to keep heat stress low and you focused on your race.
Roux Top Forced Air Adapter
Now you can easily attach your helmet blower to your Roux Helmet with the Roux Helmet Top Forced Air Adapter. Easily install your helmet top air adapter with the enclosed mini-screws and enjoy a shield that never fogs and keeps your head even cooler. Roux top forced air adapter - the lightweight and the prefect addition to your Roux helmet.