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APEX Pro = Instant Feedback. Why use the APEX Pro? We already use our AiM MXG or AIM Solo to gather our complete Vehicle Health and Driver Performance data, but we need instant performance data feedback. Predictive lap times are very important to a successful lap, we all know that, but APEX Pro gives us maximum cornering potential, instantly. Are you using 100% of your performance envelope? APEX Pro uses 12,000 data points/second to show your true cornering potential, every corner, every lap.

APEX Gen II Digital Track Coach
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The new 2nd Generation APEX Pro Device (APEX Gen II) implements all of the knowledge we acquired designing, manufacturing, and selling the original APEX Pro device and gives you an even more powerful tool. APEX Pro is known for helping you find your limit on track, and learn to correlate your control inputs (steering, gas, and brake) with getting the tire to the limit.
APEX Pro OBDII Interface
The APEX Pro OBDII Interface integrates with the APEX iOS app seamlessly via Bluetooth to enhance the logging capabilities of your APEX app. Using both the APEX Pro Hardware and OBDII Interface allows you to get real-time feedback, dynamic data AND engine data!