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    Our racing store at has every piece of racing gear you could possibly need. From the quick disconnect OMP suede steering wheel that makes getting in and out of your Racetech carbon fiber head containment seat fast, to the Longacre tire pyrometer that tells you exactly what every single suspension modification has accomplished...

    Our racing store at has every piece of racing gear you could possibly need. From the quick disconnect OMP suede steering wheel that makes getting in and out of your Racetech carbon fiber head containment seat fast, to the Longacre tire pyrometer that tells you exactly what every single suspension modification has accomplished, we have them all.

    Systems. That is how a racecar makes it to the top of the podium. DiscoveryParts GT2 Datsun 240Z won the NASA-SE Enduro Championship 2 years in a row. Let's take a look at just the brake system. Castrol SRF ReAct provides the force to squeeze the Hawk DTC pads against the rotors to stop consistently, lap after lap, hour after hour. Brake ducts feed the 3" brake ducting to the back of the rotor to keep temperatures in check during the long July and August races.

    The racing experts at have the knowledge and experience to make sure your racecar performs at its best using components that work together. Have a dual-purpose car that takes you to the job that pays for that track weekend? Let us help you with a quickly removable harness that keeps you safe on the track, but is removable on Monday to take the kids to practice.

    Purchased your first trailer and can now run a track only alignment? Let us help you get the best from Longacre to set your chassis perfectly. How much better is it? Let's look at Data Acquisition Systems from AiM to leap ahead in chassis set-up and driver improvement. offers the racer the best from companies like Hawk, Sparco, Schroth, G-Force, Aim, Racetech, SPA, Joe Gibbs Racing, ATL, Simpson, Longacre, MOMO, FuelSafe, and more.



    • BMW

      BMW has many popular track vehicles that have shown German engineering excellence on track. We have seen the Spec E30 and Spec E46 classes in the NASA series grow every year with a record number of participants. In this category we feature a breakdown of some our most popular BMW track car categories.

    • Corvette

      Top Upgrades for Corvette C4 through C7. Is your Corvette going to the next level of performance driving? See our top sellers for your first track day to the highest levels of pro racing. The Chevrolet Corvette was first born in Flint Michigan on June 30 1953 to be the New York Auto Show show car. Given the model name C1, the Corvette's history was started. Now in GM's seventh generation (C7), GM's Supercar has been a part of American History. GM even made a custom version that was gifted to Astronaut Alan Shepard. That started a program that supplied 2 brand new GM cars to every US astronaut. The usual protocol was a family car for the wives, but every Astronaut ALWAYS chose the Corvette. Great job GM on not just an incredible car but a part of American history.

    • FR-S / BR-Z / GT86

      The Toyobaru twins have become massively popular track day cars the embody the excellence of Japanese engineering and playful driving dynamics.

    • Honda S2000

      Honda built the legacy of the S2000 from its deep roots and heritage of their S500, S600, and S800 roadsters from the 1960s. The S2000 ran a successful 10 years from 1999 through 2009 with many versions for every driver. There were very few (fewer than 700) 2008 Honda Club Racer factory cars but the aftermarket and tuner/racer world has exceeded what the manufacturer offered. The Honda S2000 is a great platform and you can see them on track every weekend hitting their 9000+ rpm redline. 

    • Miata

      Spec Miata Racing. Some of the racers you see on tv now are past winners in Spec Miata. The Mazda Miata platform is one that still surprises racers to this day. Mazda knew they had something special in 1990, but never thought it would lead to the highest car counts in national level amateur racing. That success has led the Miata to be a common front runner in Lemons & Chump endurance series also. Below are some of the top build parts.

    • Batteries & Chargers

      Race cars use race gas instead of 87 octane pump gas. Likewise, your race car should have a legitimate race battery instead of a standard street car battery so it can endure the harsh conditions you put it through on track. Stiff springs, thick sway bars, and solid bushings all work towards ending a battery sooner every lap. A battery designed for racing will have the extra features to overcome harmonics, sharp impacts, and the demand of a relocated battery using extra cable length and a high compression engine. That big camshaft sounds great but with the timing advanced as far as you can go, the cranking load can be extreme. Choose a racecar battery that matches not only your needs but budget. 

    • Brakes

      Racing brake system components to make sure you have consistent and repeatable performance in every brake zone. Performance hi temperature brake fluid paired with track brake pads are a great way to make sure your track time goes exactly as planned. If you need more performance in your brake system, we offer everything from upgraded rotors made from higher quality metals to complete big brake kits to turn an afternoon in the garage to seasons of outbraking your competition.

    • Car Care

      Car care items to keep your race cars appearance the best possible. From a historic race car being brought back to life to compete in another Walter Mitty, to a dedicated track car that never misses a session, we keep all the car care wash, wax, rubber remover and detailing items here for you. 

    • Clutch Kits

      Designed to provide increased clamping forces with predictive engagement and fast release, a performance clutch kit will be lighter allowing performance gains. Lightweight flywheels, multi-disk clutches, pressure plates with higher clamping loads, let DiscoveryParts improve your on-track performance. 

    • Data / Video

      A data acquisition system measures and records important vehicle parameters via sensors. These parameters can be analyzed to gain insight into the behavior of the engine, chassis, and driver, which can ultimately result in greater predictability and better performance on race day. Data acquisition is the key to unlocking free speed! Over recent years, data acquisition systems have become powerful tools that are vital to success at all levels of motorsport. Or, maybe you want to share a video of your winning lap and podium photo op with family and friends - we've got you covered there too. Let us maximize your machine and you with our full line of data acquisition products.

    • Electrical / Electronics

      Race Car Electronics need to be solid and secure for years of trouble free racing. Quality electrical components from DiscoveryParts will ensure you have what you need to stay competitive on the track. We offer complete driver communications from driver to passenger in the same vehicle to a pro driven making the perfect Road Atlanta turn 7. To make that perfect lap, first we need a battery disconnect switch, MyLaps transponder, and quality switches to control your ecu and every accessory. 

    • Exterior Accessories

      Race car exteriors have unique accessory needs to perform perfectly lap after lap. Hood & Deck Pins, Door Mirrors, Spoiler Supports, Fender Supports and other popular upgrade items are all located in our Race Car Exterior Accessory category.

    • Fire Systems

      Whatever your passion - racing cars, classic automobiles, hot rods, off road vehicles, heavy duty trucks, or even RVs or boats - protect your investment with a fire protection system. Our systems have been designed for racing but even if your activity does not require it, a fire protection system is cheap insurance!

    • Fuel Cells & Accy

      Racing Fuel Cells and Fuel Cell Accessories. From the best selling Fuel Safe Enduro Cell® racing cells to the lightest version to save even more weight. Build your car correctly the first time and enjoy many, many fast trouble free race seasons.

    • Harness & Restraints

      A Harness is one of the most important pieces of Safety Equipment in a race car. Its job is to dissipate energy. In the event of a crash, a harness prevents the mass of the body from moving within the car and transfers the movement of your body to the chassis of the car. Because of the amount of force involved in a racing collision, it is very important to have the right equipment to protect against injury and that it is installed and used correctly. We offer a vast selection of auto racing harnesses from G-Force, OMP, Schroth, Simpson, Sparco, and Takata. If you need help determining your harness needs, give the professionals at DiscoveryParts a call on our tech line at 706-344-1235.  

    • Heat Insulation

      Control engine heat to prevent damage and keep power at the maximum level. Heat sleeve, exhaust wrap, heat wrap, and blankets keep the heat where it is supposed to be, not robbing power from you. 

    • Hose & Fittings

      Race car oil system lines, hoses and fittings to complete a trouble free oil cooler installation. Designed as a system and installed correctly, a race car oil system will add life to any performance engine while also increasing power. 

    • Interior Accessories

      Race car interiors have unique accessory needs. From a panoramic, no blind spot mirror that widens your field of vision (for better viewing of the competition you have left behind), to steering wheel and helmet hooks designed specifically for mounting onto your roll bar, to various switches and gauges - DiscoveryParts can fulfill your racecar accessory needs.

    • Oil Coolers & Adapters

      Plumbing a race car oil system is easy, will last many race miles, and will improve not just engine performance, but engine life. A proper race car oil system will start at the engine block on the pressure side with an oil filter adapter, then through the correct fittings, lines and then the oil cooler. The return system is usually matched for hose size and for simplicity, the same fittings when possible.

    • Oils & Fluids

      DiscoveryParts is your premiere source for Racing Oils, Racing  Fuels, performance enhancing fuel additives, and racing lubricants.  We carry a large inventory of racing oils, racing fuels, fuel additives, and racing lubricants all designed to help you extract the best performance from your race car, motorcycle, or go-kart!

    • Seats

      DiscoveryParts offers the best auto racing seats from the best suppliers in auto racing seats. OMP, Racetech, Cobra and Sparco are some of our favorites. DiscoveryParts auto racing seats keep you connected with your racer. Every hour put into engine and chassis development comes to what your car is telling you. Let DiscoveryParts help you find the perfect auto racing seat from Cobra, Racetech, Recaro, Sabelt, Sparco and Ultrashield.

    • Seat Mounting

      Seat Mounting brackets and hardware for floor mounting, side mounting, or back mounting your race seat to your racer. DiscoveryParts has the mounting brackets and bases you need for the proper installation of your race seat, the first time. Spending some time planning here will save headaches later. We offer seat bases from Brey Krause, OMP Racing, Planted Technology and Sparco to make your connection with the car (race seat) easy and safe.

    • Steering Wheels & Accy

      A correct steering wheel system will give you more grip. Not to the track, but to your connection to the track. An auto racing steering wheel system will include a Steering Wheel Hub Adapter, optional Quick-Release, and Steering Wheel. This auto racing steering wheel system should be durable, offer improved grip with less hand strength (important for endurance racers) and feel natural to the driver. Steering wheels come in different depths (dish) and sizes (diameter) to make every size driver comfortable the entire race.

      DiscoveryParts offers a full line of Auto Racing Steering Wheels, Hubs and Quick Releases that not only add style but performance to your car. From Road Atlanta's turn 12 to the Tail of the Dragon, a good steering wheel will keep you in contact with your car and get every bit of feedback available to you.

    • Suspension

      Racing suspension components to improve your car's performance on any track, and in any situation.

    • Transponders

      Transponders have been around in racing for many, many years, but recently with the new MyLaps X2, your transponder now gives you more than just your lap times on the timing sheet stapled to the tech shed. The new MyLaps X2 can be powered from your car or use the internal rechargeable battery to proved many years of no-worry race lap timing and scoring.

    • Underhood Accy

      All the necessary items to make a front running car. The difference is in the details, and this is how you keep a small item from taking a victory away. Breather Tanks, OverFlow & Recover Tanks, Inline Fuel Filters with AN fittings and more.

    • Window & Cage Nets

      Window nets provide protection from items entering the cockpit while making sure a drivers wrist or arm does not leave the safety cell of the cockpit. Cage nets (also called interior nets) limit movement of the drivers body inside the safety cell to maximize driver safety.

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    Showing 1 - 20 of 2793 items