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Stilo Trophy DES

Stilo Trophy DES helmets are the ultimate in high quality, light-weight, open face helmets that all meet the toughest Snell standard. The Stilo Trophy DES helmets are offered with 3 different levels of electronics integration for Stilo Trophy Rally DES (2 drivers in the same car), Stilo Trophy Plus DES (IMSA radio connections) and Stilo Trophy DES Offshore with special waterproof electronics.

Stilo Trophy Plus Venti Rally Helmet - SNELL SA2020
Stilo's new Trophy Plus Venti helmet is the next evolution of Stilo's much-loved Trophy Plus DES helmet, and is fully compatible with Stilo's new wireless intercom system. With an open-face design and Stilo's integrated communications package, the new Trophy Plus Venti Composite from Stilo will be an instructor favorite, and features the all-important Snell SA2020 rating.