Set-Up & Trackside

Set-Up & Trackside

Set-Up & Trackside There are 348 products. is focused on its racers, but we do not stop there. Your crew is what makes every trip to the start line and the champagne spray possible. Keep your team safe, prepared, and ready to go with the latest crew gear. Because no matter how many laps you have, how light your helmet is, what your last dyno number is, if your team doe... is focused on its racers, but we do not stop there. Your crew is what makes every trip to the start line and the champagne spray possible. Keep your team safe, prepared, and ready to go with the latest crew gear. Because no matter how many laps you have, how light your helmet is, what your last dyno number is, if your team does not get you to the line on time, you can not win.

If you have any questions on any of our crew gear, please call us immediately. DiscoveryParts is owned, operated, and staffed by racers and track drivers who know and love our sport. Our wide selection gives you the perfect way to compliment your team to make sure you finish your next event strong.



  • Alignment & Setup

    Easily set racecar caster, camber, and toe to get the fastest lap time possible. The difference of 2° or 1/16" is the difference from top of the podium to watching the podium photo. DiscoveryParts makes it easy to have the fastest set-up of the weekend by offering the best racecar chassis set-up and alignment equipment available. 

  • Battery Chargers

    CTEK battery chargers are perfectly suited for charging all types of lead-acid batteries and lithium. A CTEK charger is easy to use. It can be connected for an extended period gently maintained by pulses. The charger is electronic safe, which means you do not normally need to remove the battery from the vehicle when charging. In addition, it is reverse polarity protected and short circuit proof. The charger also has spark protection system. CTEK battery chargers are approved for outdoor use.

  • Car Covers

    Car covers and cockpit covers are used not for just track side vehicle environment protection, keeping your car clean between rounds, but also hiding your new set-up. Car covers completely cover the vehicle, while cockpit covers cover the front and rear windshields and cover the door window openings. When bad weather comes in quick, you will be glad you are prepared and have a dry interior and seat on the way to your next podium.

  • Fuel, Jugs & Accy

    To gain 3 seconds on a stint you will have to push your vehicle and your driver closer to their red line. Harder use now will not take away an equal amount but that amount plus interest. Gaining 3+ seconds on a pit stop is done through planning and preparation, not at the expense of the car or driver. Let DiscoveryParts help you recover those last few seconds and keep you ahead on the track with the best racecar fueling equipment available. From street driven track cars to the largest races on TV, trust DiscoveryParts for the best, fastest, and safest auto racing refueling equipment.

    Fuel Jugs and Accessories. Classic VP 5 Gallon, Heavy Duty Fuel Jug and The Flo-Fast Select Series pump - capable of transferring 5 gallons of fluid in under a minute. Fits perfectly on our VP Racing Utility Jugs. Or the Fuel Safe complete 6 Gallon dump can for lightning fast fueling.  DiscoveryParts has what you need for fuel containment and delivery.

  • GPS Trailer & Car...

    GPS Trailer Trackers, Race Car GPS Trackers, and Motorcycle/ATV and Pit Cart GPS Trackers are used to secure your vehicle and high value assets. As racers we travel coast to coast and sometimes park in areas that do not leave a comfortable feeling as you leave your rig unattended. GPS trackers for your racing assets will notify you, not just when there is movement, but will notify you if a door is opened (if configured). We use GPS trackers on all our equipment. What is the total cost? About what we spend for 2 race tires. 

  • Hood Pins & Tow Hooks

    Racecar Hood Pin Kits and Parts. We offer many options for securing your racecar's hood, deck lid, etc including hair-pin, flip pin, and the awesome AeroCatch. Keep your hood in place on track and make for lightning quick pit stops with the correct style hood pin kit. If the mounting location is hard to reach, look at a self contained hood pin kit like the OMP Anodized Alloy Bonnett Pin Kit. If the pins are easy to reach, then it is hard to beat the price of the Longacre 3/8 Hood Pin Kit , and if aero is a must then nothing beats the ultimate hood pin kit, AeroCatch. DiscoveryParts offers the perfect hood pin kit for every racecar on every racetrack.

    Tow Hooks serve a different purpose. They are used just before the "tow of shame" back to the paddock, where you get to spend the next 40 minutes figuring out how to get all that gravel out of every part of your racecar. At DiscoveryParts we have quite a bit of experience in the tow hook, tow loop, gravel removal department. We offer direct fit, thread-in tow hooks and many universal tow loops to make any install easy and secure. See our selection of Racing Tow Hooks and Loops and, of course,  if you have any questions you can give us a call @ 888.748.7223.

  • Race Ramps

    If you've got a sports car, lowered race car, or dropped truck, you know how tough it is to get that vehicle on a trailer without scraping. Race Ramps to the rescue! Race Ramps are constructed from an advanced composite material that's tough yet lightweight. Unlike regular ramps, which are designed for stock height vehicles, Race Ramps are designed to decrease your angle of approach, making your next loading operation a breeze. They're also handy for getting under your vehicle for work or inspection.

  • Tape & Decals

    Racer Tape, gaffers tape, surface guard tape, and non-skid tape for every purpose a racer needs. At DiscoveryParts we also create custom vinyl race decals and graphics for looking pro on any track.

  • Tires

    Race and Performance Tires are the final connection of your car to the race track. Having a proper tire and good alignment is one of the best improvements in lowering your lap times. Give yourself an edge over your competition on track by having fresh tires. 

  • Tire Tools

    Tire Tools. Tires keep your racecar going around the track and there are a lot of factors involved in keeping them at peak performance levels. Tire pressure, temperature, hardness, and tread depth need to be measured and regulated to ensure your tires are running at their best level possible. DiscoveryParts has tire tools to help you run your best at any track.

  • Tools

    Tools. Simple but useful and every racecar driver needs them. Need a comfortable surface to lie on while working on your race car? Try our durable Track Mats. How about a high torque, portable impact gun for easily popping off those lug nuts? DiscoveryParts can set you up with the tools you need to get you out on the track faster. 

  • Towing & Tie Down

    Towing and Tie Down Straps. Safely load your racecar onto your  trailer in record time with a logical, thought out tie-down system. A racecar tie down needs to do many things - like be weather, oil, and fuel resistant. It needs to not stretch and be UV safe. See our selection of racecar tie downs that will give many hassle free miles on the way to your trackside vacation. How about rugged, heavy duty tie downs to keep everything from your fuel jugs to your racecar secured? DiscoveryParts has just what you need. 

  • Tow Vehicle Dash Cams

    Tow Vehice Dash Cameras and Navigators help you take the best route for whatever plus-sized vehicle you use. No more trying to back out of an area that can not support your vehicle size or required turn radious. We keep all of the best in Dash Cameras and RV Navigators from Garmin here to make your next drive the best possible. 

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Showing 1 - 20 of 348 items