Racing Spirit Hoodies | Racing Spirit Track Wear


OMP Racing Spirit is racing inspired casual wear derived from the passion of Italy. Their motto reads as follows: 

"Win or lose, tomorrow is another day and we will start over again.

It's not how many times we fall, it's about how many time we stand back up: this is what we do everyday, it's in our blood.

The only goal is winning, second place is first place loser. At all times we're ready to solve problems, we're for teamwork, we love competition and we're born to race. We push ourselves for milliseconds, to save fuel or weight. We engineer, design, manufacture, tweek, test, tweek some more, test again, race and push ourselves to the limit. Great is not enough because tomorrow, someone will be better than us and we need to work harder to stay ahead of the curve.

The Racing Spirit line is a never-ending quest to be the best on and off the track!"

Therefore, Racing Spirit is for the racer who always goes 10/10 in all aspects of life and wants to express it through this awesome wardrobe. 

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