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Race car exteriors have unique accessory needs to perform perfectly lap after lap. Hood & Deck Pins, Door Mirrors, Spoiler Supports, Fender Supports and other popular upgrade items are all located in our Race Car Exterior Accessory category.


  • Hood & Deck Pins

    Racecar Hood Pin Kits and Parts. We offer many options for securing your racecar's hood, deck lid, etc including hair-pin, flip pin, and the awesome AeroCatch. Keep your hood in place on track and make for lightning quick pit stops with the correct style hood pin kit. If the mounting location hard to reach, look at a self contained hood pin kit like the OMP Anodized Alloy Bonnett Pin Kit. If the pins are easy to reach then it is hard to beat the price of the Longacre 3/8 Hood Pin Kit , and if aero is a must then nothing beats the ultimate hood pin kit, AeroCatch. Discoveryparts offers the perfect hood pin kit for every racecar on every racetrack.

    Tow Hooks serve a different purpose. They are used just before the "tow of shame" back to the paddock, where you get to spend the next 40 minutes figuring out how to get all that gravel out of every part of your racecar. At DiscoveryPart we have quite a bit of experience in the tow hook, tow loop, gravel removal department. We offer direct fit, thread-in tow hooks and many universal tow loops to make any install easy and secure. See our selection of Racing Tow Hooks and Loops and if you have any questions, of course give us a call @ 888.748.7223.

  • Mirrors

    No Blind Spot Race car Mirrors Let You Use Every Inch Of The Track Available. Widen your field of vision with a billet mounted flat or convex mirror to see everything. Do the rules allow you to remove your external hi-drag mirrors? Let Longacre Spot Mirrors mounted on the A pillar give you free speed while giving better vision. A correctly installed panoramic rear view mirror and dual spot mirrors will keep you from guessing where your competition is. DiscoveryParts offers race car rear view mirrors for every application.  

  • Mud Flaps

    Mud Guard Flaps offer body panel protection from gravel and debris as you power oversteer your way through your best rallye stage. Easy to install and simple protection make mud flaps a necessity for off road racing.

  • Spoiler/Fender Supports

    Spoiler supports and body panel supports (also called fender supports) play an important role in build of a track car. By using the correct material you will insure many trouble free race laps. There are different materials used for each purpose depending on the application. A front mounted or rear trunk spoiler will need a solid, no-flex support where a body panel support will have some "give" to it to rebound to it's original shape after contact. Each style is available in different lengths to make your race car build last many years of trouble free racing. 

  • Tow Hooks & Loops

    Tow Hooks & Tow Loops, also called Tow Straps, are required in most race series to allow workers to easily and safely bring your car to the paddock. From hard, fixed, metal thread-in tow hooks, to soft, bump-draft friendly tow loops, we offer many varieties to make installation easy in every track car.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 38 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 38 items