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The right helmet can have a big impact on your practice sessions and race day. offers a full selection of SA2015, FIA 8856 and FIA 8860 helmets and accessories. Our online store allows us to provide new and experienced drivers across the country with the auto racing gear they need. Our vast selection features leading brands: ...

The right helmet can have a big impact on your practice sessions and race day. offers a full selection of SA2015, FIA 8856 and FIA 8860 helmets and accessories. Our online store allows us to provide new and experienced drivers across the country with the auto racing gear they need. Our vast selection features leading brands: Arai, Bell, G-Force, OMP, Schuberth, Simpson, Sparco, Stilo, and our house brand, saving you even more.

As a racing gear retailer run by people who love auto racing, we know exactly what you need from your first Drivers Ed to your check-in at the Rolex 24.

We understand consistency breeds speed. When you have the right racing gear, you enjoy every lap of every test day and will race even more. DiscoveryParts has the knowledge and resources to provide you with the best service in your quest for the perfect automotive racing helmet. 

DiscoveryParts offers the best in SA2015 auto racing helmets for every type of kart, formula car, and production racing for every budget.



  • Arai

    If you’re in the market for a new helmet, you might be asking yourself: Can there really be that much difference between one brand and another? And if so, do any of the small differences even matter?

    The answers are Yes and No.

    The simple truth is, while there are indeed a lot of helmets out there, there is still only one Arai.

    Our name and reputation have been forged over time, which means we haven’t devoted three generations of the Arai family to the singular goal of no-holds-barred excellence just to turn out helmets like everybody else’s. Our helmets stand alone. 

    Arai has the experience, the quality, and the trust that truly set us apart. Here's a thought: If the other brands have the same components, why would they copy so many Arai innovations? In fact, we don’t know of any other helmet company that can match the Arai formula. 

    If we didn't convince you already, come try Arai on and decide for yourself.

  • Bell

    Bell Racing Helmets have been worn by more professionals than any other brand. Different auto racing classes require special attributes to get you every advantage possible. If you are in a stock car or road race production based car, you have different needs than an open cockpit racecar. Bell offers helmets for each faction of our sport in variable price levels so everyone can stay safe and within budget. Here are some of the differences you will see between a youth helmet and an open cockpit car helmet vs a closed cockpit (sedan) race car helmet.

    Youth Helmet: 

    -smaller shell to save weight

    -doesn't have the extra thick padding that adult helmets have

    -has a separate model line with styling

    -features proven safety taken from their big brother counter-types. 

    Stock Car or Production Car:

    -taller eye port

    -wider peripheral view

    -upgraded interior ventilation for closed cockpit (no ram air)

    Formula Car/Open Cockpit/Karting:

    -smaller eye port

    -shield angle more aggressive to deflect debris

    -active aero through chin lip spoilers or wickers

    -smaller ventilation ports for reduced drag as ram air is a factor

    Bell Racing makes a helmet for every form of racing in 7 different series

    Bell Youth SeriesSmaller shell size saves weight and advanced materials add durability. Youth racing is the fastest growing area in motorsports today and Bell Racing has a full line-up for your young racer. Bell GP.2 Youth, Bell KC7K Youth Karting, and Bell KC7K Venom Youth Karting.

    Bell Karting Series: Bell Kart Helmets are just like its auto racing cousin, but non-fire resistant interior. Revised helmet cooling vents to take advantage of the ram-aim keep you cool and advanced kart only interior materials add durability. Bell Racing has a full line-up of premium kart racing helmets for adult and young racers. Bell GP.2 YouthBell Sport, Bell M8, Bell Vador, Bell RS7K, Bell K.1 Pro, Bell K.1 Pro Circuit Blue, Bell K.1 Circuit Red, Bell KC7 FIA/CMR, Bell KC7K FIA/CMR Venom, Bell RS7, Bell M8, Bell M8 Carbon, and Bell Dominator.2.

    Bell Sport Series: Designed for the sportsman or entry level racer who demands value and quality at an affordable price. You will see the Bell Sport series, available in both full face and open face models at an autocross, HPDE, NASA & SCCA club racing, even off-shore powerboating. All the safety of the tough Snell SA2015 certification and low price make the Bell Sport Series a racers favorite. Bell Sport Mag, Bell Sport Mag Off-Shore, Sport Full Face, Sport Full Face Off-ShoreSport Edge, Sport Full Face EV and Bell Sport Mag Rally

    Bell Racer Series: Upgrades and weight reduction to the Sport line make the Bell Racer Series. Although there are only a few helmets in the Bell Racer Series lineup, the upgraded removable interior (for ease of cleaning) and use of lighter materials makes this one of the most popular helmet lines. Bell M.8Bell BR.1, and Vador make the Bell Racer Series SA2015 helmet line

    Bell Pro Series: Even more weight loss, higher level fit through conversion to hat sizes vs small, medium, large. Light weight and fine tuned fit are ready for you with the Bell K.1 Pro, and if you like graphics, take a look at the new K.1 Pro Circuit Blue Graphics and Bell K.1 Pro Circuit Red Graphics. Some of Bell's heritage continues and new styles are brought in with the Bell Dominator.2Bell RS7, Bell GP.3Bell GTX.3, GT5 Touring and the Bell RS7K Pro Series helmets

    Bell Carbon Series: Lose weight quickly with style. Bell's Carbon Series brings the price down but keeps the features. The Bell M.8 Carbon, Bell GP.3 Carbon, Bell GTX.3 Carbon and Bell RS7 Carbon and Bell RS7 Carbon Duckbill were instant best sellers the day they hit the market.

    Bell Advanced Series: Professional. That one word describes the Bell Advanced Series. Lightweight, precision in every component and ready for every challenge. The highest level of quality is put into every Bell Advanced Series Helmet. The Bell HP5 Touring Carbon, Bell HP7 Carbon and Bell HP7 Carbon Duckbill are for the most discerning racer and the SA2015 and FIA 8860-2015 Rating let you compete on the highest racing levels.

  • DiscoveryParts

    DiscoveryParts SA Helmets make features of helmets that originally cost twice the price available to the weekend racer or any racer on a budget.

    DiscoveryParts' house brand is the helmet that you have seen every track weekend without even being aware of it. Our supplier is the direct manufacturer. For over 17 years we have manufactured, in-house, Snell and FIA certified auto racing helmets. Other brands put their decals and logos on helmets and bump up the price. We, at DiscoveryParts, purchase direct from the US National distributor to save you even more of your racing budget, so you can get more bang for your buck. Take a look below at our most popular and very lightweight auto racing helmets. Do a little searching next time you're trackside and you will see your exact helmet, only you saved a few more dollars. 

    Look to DiscoveryParts for Lightweight Carbon Fiber SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets. Open and Full Face, Nomex lined, Kevlar Chin Strap, and of course a lightweight Carbon Fiber shell, at a great price.

  • G-Force

    G-FORCE Racing Gear manufactures auto racing helmets for every racer on every track and every budget

  • OMP

    OMP Racing Helmets are high-quality, lightweight auto racing helmets made for the highest levels of auto racing. OMP helmet shells are hand trimmed and hand sanded before painting. The interior padding and upholstery are hand-assembled and designed for the highest level of comfort and safety of the driver. Every OMP Racing Helmet is tested to the highest level with the latest FIA and Snell standards. Trust OMP with their lightweight SA and FIA rated helmets for the highest levels of safety and quality.

  • Roux

    Roux Helmets bring integration to auto racing helmets. Roux has noted racer feedback to bring features such as integrated electronics, liquid helmet cooling, driver hydration and more as included options on some of their helmets. Using materials from composite to full carbon, Roux helmets - including fully loaded ones - are on the light side using a new, modern shell shape and design process. 

    Roux was founded in 2014 by veteran racers Juan Carlos Leroux and Toto Lassally. Juan Carlos and Toto have over 40 combined years of racing. They have won countless races and championships all over the globe, from the SCCA Run-Offs to the 24 Hours of Dubai. Roux Helmets are the result of Juan Carlos' and Toto's firsthand knowledge being applied to a product.

  • Schuberth

    Schuberth helmets are German excellence in form, fit, feel, and weight. Schuberth auto racing helmets have graced Formula 1 racers Felipe Massa, Nico Hülkenberg, Pascal Wehrlein, Sergio Perez and others. Schuberth helmets are wind tunnel tested, feature an FIA approved dual shield lens system, customizable interior padding, and feature advanced driver cooling. For example the Schuberth SF2 Pro features 12 air inlets and 5 air outlets to provide 14 liters of fresh air at 62 MPH (100 km/h). 

  • Simpson

    Simpson, an American-based company, has been around since 1959.  Headquarters are pinned in Texas where their products are manufactured and tested. Simpson first publicized the Envelope of Safety Concept in 1999.  The EOS is a 360 degree approach to a driver's ultimate security. By surrounding the racer with all of the elements of supreme racing protection, they become safeguarded from many dangerous situations. Although many of Simpson's race helmets have evolved over time, the concept remains the same - containment inside a safety cell is vital in any crash.  Race helmets play a very important role in maintaining a racer's safety.  Because Simpson overlooks no details, no chances are taken. When you choose a Simpson race helmet from DiscoveryParts, you give yourself the advantage of 54 years of safety innovation and experience. Ready for your next weekend, ready for the podium.

  • Sparco

    Since its inception in 1977, the Sparco brand has become a market leader in the racing world.  Founded by racing drivers, the Sparco brand revolves around two key components - safety and style.  No products are developed or delivered without respecting these components.  In 2009, Sparco acquired a main shareholder whose primary focus was pushing product innovation - this is particularly evident in Sparco's line of race helmets. Sparco race helmets are perfected using F1 wind tunnel technology and lightweight materials, and are priced for every racer's budget.  With emphasis on driver comfort, multiple features have been built into Sparco race helmets: removable inner lining for easy cleaning, specially engineered ventillation systems that greatly reduce internal temperatures, and internal channels that allow for multiple accessories, and more. Some models even have built in intercom systems. The Sparco brand of race helmets is synonymous with top performance, reliability, and safety.

  • Stilo

    Stilo was founded in 1999 by former Italian rally champion Ludovico Fassitelli and his wife Elena Perini. Their initial product line was the first open-face helmet in the world designed around the intercom and a series of state of the art rally radio intercom systems. This quickly expanded to a complete line of the highest quality - lightweight helmets, integrating headset earmuff speakers, microphone, air, and drinking systems. Fassitelli said “the integration of all of these options into the shell of the helmet maintains the integrity of the helmet that might otherwise be compromised by third party modifications.” This industry first is the primary reason Stilo has become the favorite of WRC, F1, and other professional drivers worldwide.

    Stilo motorsport helmets meet the current SNELL 2015 and are the first to pass the FIA 8860-2018 standard. Stilo offers three different shell materials - fiberglass/Kevlar composite, carbon/Kevlar, and full carbon fiber (FIA 8860-20018). 

  • SA2015 HELMETS

    SA2015 Helmets.

    Even though most racing groups allow same helmet use for 10 years, Snell recommends that you update your helmet every 5 years. If your motto is "cleanliness is next to Godliness", you are good for an extended time period. But, for everyone else, the majority 90% of you, your helmet is GROSS. It should be replaced AT LEAST every 5 years. Degradation of the helmet interior due to grime buildup will lessen its ability to perform as intended, putting you at risk of injury. This is the purpose for the "5 year" rule. Another reason is that technology advances in leaps and bounds. Snell creates and implements a new standard every 5 years - using those advances - for the sole purpose of safeguarding the wearer. We have friends at the Snell Foundation and are assured that extensive scientific testing and subsequent outcomes are applied to updated ratings. Some ratings change significantly (SA2010) and some minimally (SA2015). One notable change for SA2015 requires the helmet to be compatible and ready for head and neck restraint hardware (making pre-drilling of the helmet by the manufacturer mandatory)   

    The SA2015 and FIA8856-2015 and FIA8860-2015 have been gradually arriving and will continue to do so as production catches up with demand. On this next generation of auto racing helmets you will see some of the best graphics, lightweight carbon fiber, better aero, more ventilation, and head and neck restraint readiness, just to name a few features.

    At DiscoveryParts, we take pride in being "Helmet Experts". From racing Tag Master in Rotax 125cc class to our NASA SE Championship GT2 development car, we are true helmet testers, not just in the shop but on track. If you are overwhelmed with the choices (we have many) or have a special application, give one of our helmet experts a call @ 888.728.7223 so we can help you get the perfect helmet the first time.

  • Carbon Helmets

    Taking technology from the aerospace industry, Carbon Fiber Auto Racing Helmets use combined technology to offer extreme strength, reduced weight, and the best looking helmet finish to cross the finish line - carbon fiber. DiscoveryParts offers many versions of carbon fiber helmets to meet every budget and racing type. DiscoveryParts offers SA2015 and FIA approved auto racing helmets for the most precise of racers.

  • Crew Helmets

    We also offer Crew Helmets in open and full-face for over-the-wall professionals. Be prepared for that record stop with equipment that is made to keep up with the fast-paced action that is racing. Crew Helmets keep the driver's best friend at the track safe so they can return the favor. 

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