Race Car Specialized Cleaners

Specialized Cleaners

Formulated for specific purposes, these cleaners go far beyond what you would expect out of a traditional car wash or all-purpose cleaner. These products fit a narrow purpose, but fulfill those purposes better than anything else.

Griot's Garage Track Spray 22oz
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Safely remove the scuff marks from tire rubber after your last lap record. Griot's Garage track spray is formulated to remove rubber granules from your car's body without causing any damage.
Griot's Garage Iron and Fallout Remover 35oz
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Iron and Fallout Remover from Friot's Garage is a gel type deep cleaner that goes beyond-the-surface clean by dissolving iron brake dust particles and fallout from multiple exterior surfaces including, paint, glass, and chrome. It is perfect for a high value track car that has metalic track pads that normal soaps and cleaners can not remove.