Race Car Cleaning Tools


Specialized tools make certain cleaning jobs easier, and certainly make the process much more efficient. We keep our favorite specialty tools here to spend more time driving than cleaning.

Griot's Garage THE BOSS Foam Cannon
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Griot's Garage THE BOSS Foam Cannon is the ultimate foam delivery system. In mere seconds THE BOSS Foam Cannon can blanket your car in rich, cleansing foam. Lift off debris to ensure there are no scratches from abrasive debris on your paint.
Griot's Garage Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay
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Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay from Griot's Garage takes claying to the next level. Prepare for a deeper clean that becomes plain to see as you buff your paint to a rich, retina-piercing shine.
Griot's Garage Cotton Car Duster
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Got a car that goes out of its way to attract dust? We've owned a few of those problem child cars and here's a great solution, Griots Cotton Car Duster. 
Griot's Garage Pump Up Foamer
Using your handheld Griot's Garage Pump-Up Foamer, you can supercharge your cleaners and degreasers by creating a rich foam for extended dwell time and an enhanced cleaning action.
Griot's Garage Foaming Sprayer
Connect your Griot's Garage foaming sprayer to your garden hose and easily lay down a sea of cleaning foam and rinse your vehicle for a safe and thorough wash in a lot less time and with a lot less effort.
Griot's Garage Horsehair Interior Brush
With the highest concentration of bristle in the industry, Griot's Garage horse hair interior brush reaches deep into vinyl and leather grains for an amazing clean.