AiM Power Distribution Module PDM08 Kit w/ 6" Display - No Icons (Race Version)
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AiM Power Distribution Module PDM08 Kit w/ 6" Display - No Icons (Race Version)

The AiM PDM08 Power Distribution Module is designed to replace your traditional fuse & relay system, simplifying your wiring harness, reducing your car's weight, and adding layers of safety. By adding in the native datalogging capabilities, the AiM PDM08 is a fantastic option for almost any build.

  • Roof (Thru-Panel)
  • Surface (Out the Back)
  • 50 cm (0.5 M)
  • 130 cm (1.3 M)
  • 2 M
  • 4 M
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AiM Power Distribution Module PDM08 Kit w/ 6" Display - Race Icons

The AiM PDM08 Power Distribution Module is designed to distribute power to multiple circuits on your vehicle, replacing traditional fuse & relay systems.

AiM Power Distribution Module PDM08 Kit w/ 6" Display - Race Icons Details:

  • Manufacturer: AiM Sports
  • Manufacturer Part Number: XC1PDM08D06____C2NI
  • Includes 6" Display w/ No Icons: Yes
  • Includes Choice of GPS Module: Yes
  • 8 high side outputs
  • Replaces traditional fuse & relay systems

AiM PDMs are housed in an anodized billet aluminum case are designed specifically for the rigors of motorsport, and include a complete professional data logger & internal dash controller.

Using an AiM PDM at the center of vehicle electronics greatly simplifies your wiring harness and electronics installation while providing much more control.

AiM's PDM08 also offers some interesting features that you wouldn't necessarily expect to see in a traditional distribution module, such as:

  • ECU connection for logging data, eliminating the need to add another data logging unit to your car
  • GPS module compatibility for lap timing (GPS module sold separately)
  • Dash controller for managing the 6" or 10" PDM dash displays (displays available separately)
  • 9-axis EMU platform
  • Mirror camera control for adding a reverse camera to the PDM dash display (camera & display available separately)

The PDM08 offers 4 different power output levels:

  • 1 with series diode rated up to 20 A
  • 1 rated up to 25 A
  • 6 rated up to 15 A
  • Protected for over voltage, under voltage, over current, & over temperature
  • All outputs have internal freewheeling diode
  • Total max current: 100 A

Each output provides status feedback for open circuit, short circuit, high temperature, over current, under voltage, & over voltage. Inrush current, number of fault retries, & time between retries are all definable.

All the outputs may be configurable as PWM and allow soft start/stop.

For every output, a multicolor LED shows the status:

  • Enabled/disabled
  • Activated or not
  • Fault

An elegant visual interface allows flexible and powerful configuration for every power output.

Some "black boxes" are available for simplifying the configuration.

For example, the Wiper may be managed by the LIN connection or using the Half Bridges.

In this case, you may take advantage by a virtual object like the following one:


The AiM PDM08 features the following input channels:

  • Analog/Digital: 6
  • Only Digital: 0
  • Speed: 2

If configured as Analog inputs, it is possible to activate an internal 2K Ohm resistor for connecting most of the sensors directly.

If configured as Digital inputs, it is possible to activate a 10K Ohm Pull Up or a 10K Ohm Pull Down.

The PDM08 supports the new 6" & 10" TFT displays, fully configurable with Race Studio 3.

The PDM08 receives, uses, & records data from:

  • ECU- more than 1,000 protocols available
  • Digital/Analog inputs
  • Internal 9-axis EMU
  • GPS- position & lap time
  • Expansions
  • Push buttons, from RIO02 module or from any commercial CAN keypad, than to simple configurability of CAN protocols
  • All the currents & status of all the power outputs
  • Other user-defined math channels

AiM PDMs come with 4,000 tracks in their database and automatically select the one you are driving on, in order to calculate Lap Time when you pass the start/finish line.

An internal datalogger is available, capable of recording all the analog inputs, digital inputs, ECU channels, GPS values, currents, & status of all the power outputs. 


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