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AiM GPS08B Surface Mount Receiver for MXL Pro, MXG, MXS-Surface Mount 4 Meter



The new AiM GPS08 surface mount antenna module receives both GPS and GLONASS satellites signals for higher accuracy, faster power up and improved reliability in adverse conditions.

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AiM GPS08 Module for MXL Pro, MXG, MXS-Surface Mount

The AiM GPS08 Module is fast because it utilizes GLONASS in addition to the GPS you always had. By using both GLONASS and GPS you almost double the number of satellites so you have a faster boot-up, higher accuracy (most noticeable in the worst weather conditions) and higher reliability. 

What is GLONASS? GLObal NAvigation Satellite System from the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces, basically we get to use their 24 satellites in addition to our 32 satellites.

Lightweight and waterproof, GPS08 Module is connectable to AiM loggers via CAN cable.
A real breakthrough in data analysis
AiM GPS Manager allows to set track start/finish lines and splits and to download a comprehensive track database.
GPS08 Module connected to AiM loggers delivers many important information, i.e. chassis analysis, track position, etc.

With the new AiM GPS08 Module you'll get:

  • Position
  • Speed
  • Cornering in-line and lateral G
  • Automatic lap times

GPS08 Module and AiM logger, perfect synergy
Step 1:  GPS08 module connected to an AIM logger allows you to monitor your position and speed at any point of the track.

Step 2: Now it is possible to start running and immediately get laptimes without any previous operation, leaving old systems out: neither infrared or magnetic beacons nor track inspections before tests.

Google Earth And, last but not least, you can review your driving performance through real images, exporting all these data into Google Earth ®!

AiM GPS08 Surface Mount Antenna Details:

  • Manufacturer: AiM Sports
  • Manufacturer part number: 
  • Manufacturer alternate part number: AIM-MC-GPS08-S4
  • Cable length: 4 Meters 
  • Connector: 5 pin
  • Connects to 5 pin dash connections, 5 pin data hubs, all modern MXS, MSG, MXL Pro and the new SmartyCam GP HD 2.2
DiscoveryParts Pro Tip: This is the surface mount AiM GPS 08 Antenna that the cable goes "out the back". If you plan on mounting your GPS 08 antenna cable through a hole in the body panel use the AiM Roof Mount GPS 08 Antenna.

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