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AiM MyChron 14mm CHT Sensor Under Spark Plug



AiM CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature) Sensor Kit that fits under a 14mm spark plug and has a 719 thread on connector to go to your AiM Mychron. Install this AiM Mychron 14mm Under Plug CHT sensor under the spark plug of most air cooled engines like the LO-206, Yamaha KT100 and most every Honda out there. This is the exact replacment sensor sent with all Aim MyChron Kits.

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AiM MyChron 14mm CHT Sensor - Underplug Air Cooled

Install this CHT Thermocouple between the head and spark plug (under the spark plug hex) to monitor temperatures ranging from 0 to 572° F (up to 300° C). Fits 14mm spark plugs. 0.7" thick sensing ring. 1 meter (40 inch) cable.

This is the Briggs LO206 temperature cable to go to your MyChron 4 or MyChron 5

This Cylinder Head Temperature sensor has a 3-pin 712 (screw-type) connector for use with the standard temperature input on AiM kart dashes or with the AiM TC Hub (Part No. AIM-MC-223). We also offer the same MyChron 14mm K-Type Cylinder Head Thermocouple (Part No. AIM-MC-007) with a flat two-pin connector.

Aim 14mm CHT Sensor - One Piece

  • Manufacturer: AiM
  • AiM-MC-014
  • Use: Kart Cylinder Head Temperature
  • Connector 1: 14mm Under Spark Plug
  • Connector 2: 3 Pin 712 Thread-On Connector
  • Length: 1 Meter (40 Inch)

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