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Arai GP-6 & GP-6RC Zylon Shield Panel Upgrade



Arai Zylon CF Panel Upgrade to meet the IMSA PC, Indy, F1 (and other race series) and open cockpit safety requirements.

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Arai Zylon Carbon Fiber Shield Panel Upgrade

The Arai Zylon Carbon Fiber shield upgrade must be purchased with a new Arai shield and be factory installed by Arai. Arai will NOT sell you just the Arai Shield panel for you to install. To meet the requirements, this Arai shield panel must be factory installed. 

To get this item you MUST meet both of Arai's Requirements below

  • Race in a current model Arai helmet
  • Compete in  F1, IndyCar, IMSA PC or a series that requires the Arai Zylon Carbon FIber Panel. (We may require proof if we can find you in past race results online)

How do I get the Arai shield panel? There are 2 ways - either place this upgrade item in the cart with your new shield or send us your (in serviceable condition) Arai shield so we can have Arai  install and certify the installation. 

Can the Arai shield panel be reused? Yes. If your visor with the installed shield panel is worn or scratched, we can have Arai remove the panel, re-certify the panel and install on your new shield. 

I am racing and they require me to have a Arai Visor Panel, what are the pro racers doing? Usually we see one being clear fog free and the other being your favorite cool looking tint (usually one of the chrome styles).

Arai GP-6 & GP-6RC Zylon Shield Panel Upgrade:

    • Manufacturer: Arai
    • Manufacturer part number: 011319
    • Material: Zylon (looks like carbon fiber but has a copper color to it)

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