Schroth QuickFit Pro - BMW E46 Tuning Harness


BMW E46 Track Drivers Now Can Safely Use a Hans Device with their factory seats. The Schroth QuickFit Pro Racing Harness makes being safe in your BMW easier and affordable.

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Schroth QuickFit Pro - BMW E46 Tuning Harness

Schroth's revolutionary QuickFit Pro is the world's first 4 point harness that is designed to be used with a HANS Device in your stock seats! Now the safety and peace of mind that come from driving with a HANS device is available to the Driver's School and Open track day participant.

The secret behind this revolutionary design is the integration with the vehicle's existing safety system and an innovative geometry maximizing effectiveness of the HANS Device. Conventional 4 point restraints do not join at a center Cam Lock, they are sewn to lap belts leaving them almost 6-8 inches apart from each other. The design of the QuickFit Pro is such that both shoulder belts angle in towards the Cam Lock facilitating use with a HANS Device.

Like the Standard QuickFit Harnesses, the QuickFit Pro clicks into the car's female seat belt receptacles. This alerts the airbag computer to the fact that someone is in the seat and restrained, as well as takes advantage of the seat belt pre-tensioner. This device ignites a pyrotechnic charge in the event of an accident that will tighten the lap belt. This integration into the factory safety system is a very important part of the Schroth QuickFit Pro.

These harnesses are designed to be used in stock seats that have passed a seat back strength test. Now you don't have to spend $3,000 on a Rollbar, seats and 6 point harnesses.

Schroth BMW E46 QuickFit Pro Harness Features:

  • Manufacturer: Schroth
  • Manufacturer part number: Black left SR18140-E46
  • Manufacturer part number: Blue left SR18141-E46
  • Manufacturer part number: Red left SR18142-E46
  • Manufacturer part number: Silver left SR18149-E46
  • Manufacturer part number: Black right SR18640-E46
  • Manufacturer part number: Blue right SR18641-E46
  • Manufacturer part number: Red right SR18642-E46
  • Manufacturer part number: Silver right SR18649-E46
  • 4 Point Removable Harness System
  • Ability to use with HANS Device
  • Ability to add Anti-Sub Strap
  • Attaches to Factory Seat Belt Receptacles
  • Simple Install
  • ASM Anti SubMarining Technology
  • Fits BMW E46 2006-2013

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