List of products by brand Design Engineering Inc.

DEI Thermal barriers offer light weight reflective tapes to heavy-duty direct contact protection, we offer a complete range of materials to meet every need of the motorsport customer.

DEI Exhaust Wrap 2" x 15' Black
Design Engineering's 2" x 15', Short Roll, Black Exhaust and Header Wrap is designed to keep heat in the exhaust and evacuate it out of the engine compartment. 
DEI Reflective Fuel Container Cover
Fitting the VP Racing Motorsport Fuel Jug perfectly, the DEI Utility Jug Heat Shield will guard you race fuel against radiant heat to keep your fuel cool and the molecules as condensed as possible. Cool fuel has a higher BTU potential than hot fuel. If you need to extract every last possible horsepower, the DEI Utility Jug Heat Shield his is one of the easiest ways.