G-Force FIA Enduro Hans Camlock Harness FIA - Black 1 "a"


G-Force FIA Enduro Hans Camlock Harness FIA - Black


G-Force FIA Enduro Hans Pro Series Camlock Harness

The G-Force 7623 harness features the new FIA 8853-2016 rating with all the features an enduro racer would like on a budget. With the waist adjusters clipping directly into the cam lock, triple black belt, cam lock and hardware, Speed-Pull tabs for easy release, 3"/2" Hans shoulder belts and a comfortable "T" Bar double sub belt makes this one of G-Forces #1 selling enduro racing harness sets.

G-Force FIA Hans Pro Series Camlock Harness Specs:

  • Manufacturer: G-Force
  • Manufacturer Model Number: 7623
  • Color: Black
  • Rating: FIA 8853-2016
  • Shoulder Length: 12" - 70"
  • Shoulder Belt Width: 3"/2"
  • Waist Belt: 11" - 29"
  • Waist Belt Width 2"
  • Sub belt: 5" - 30"
  • Tighten Shoulder Belts: Pull Down
  • Tighten Waist Belts: Pull Down
  • Snap ends included: Yes (6)
  • Eyebolts included: Yes (6)
  • Shoulder belt ends: wrapped
  • Waist belt ends: wrapped
  • Sub-belt ends: wrapped
  • Valid through: December 31, 2027

Constructed to the demanding FIA 8853-2016 homologation, G-Force's Pro Series Cam lock 7623 Harness features a dual-sub, 6 point mounting system with pull-up lap belt adjusters. The FIA rated poly-based, comfort-coated webbing used on the G-Force Pro Series Competition Harnesses was painstakingly developed to outperform the competition while still maintaining an economical price.

3 inch shoulder belts taper down to 2 inches to help accommodate most head & neck restraints comfortably. G-Force's Camlock buckle system is made with an ultra-lightweight magnesium case and releases with a quarter turn mechanism. Funnel style receivers make plugging in the belt-ends a snap, while 40 of rotation and 10 of up/down movement allows the system to conform perfectly to the driver's body. Lightweight E-Z aluminum adjusters feature Speed Pull Tabs for quick and easy adjustment.

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