Alpinestars Tempest v2 Waterproof Karting Gloves
Alpinestars Alpinestars Tempest v2 Waterproof Karting Gloves $99.95
Alpinestars Tempest v2 Waterproof Karting Gloves The Alpinestars Tempest is a versatile, wet weather glove featuring a full fleece lining and water-resistant main construction. An advanced rubber composite palm offers excellent grip and control for those blustery days on the kart track. KEY FEATURES Water resistant soft shell main construction with full-length gauntlet styling. Full fleece lining for warmth and comfort. Palm constructed from advanced rubber composite material to offer optimized grip in wet conditions. Pre-curved finger construction helps reduce fatigue and precision fit. Logos and fluorescent detailing is silicone printed to avoid thread holes and maintain water-resistant integrity. Elasticated, Velcro wrist closure for greater customization.  
Sparco Kerb Lady Kart Racing Suit
Sparco Sparco Kerb Lady Kart Racing Suit from $279.00
Sparco Kerb Lady Kart Racing Suit The new Sparco KERB LADY karting suit is designed specifically for women. Made from light weight abrasion-resistant fabric, the KERB LADY features pre-curved arms, full-floating sleeves and strategically placed stretch panels and elastic for increased mobility. The KERB LADY has internal thigh and underarm vents for better breathability and a unique waist adjustment straps that delete the traditional belt. It features high-contrast accents for ultimate style. Available in 6 colors in sizes XS-XXL. The KERB is CIK-FIA 2013-1 approved.TECHNOLOGY Specific fit for women Unique waist adjustment straps Pre-curved arms Full floating sleeves Back stretch panel Internal leg and underarm vents for breathability CIK-FIA 2013-1 approved
CMS Performance Roll Bar for BMW E92 M3 (2008-13)
Competition Motorsport CMS Performance Roll Bar for BMW E92 M3 (2008-13) from $1,995.00
CMS Performance Bolt In Roll Bar For BMW E92 M3 (2008-13) A PREMIUM BOLT-IN ROLL BAR FOR THE LEGENDARY E92 The CMS Performance Roll Bar is the strongest, safest, most beautifully constructed bolt-in roll bar on the market for the BMW E92 M3. It is engineered to easily bolt into any E92 variant, providing you with both the rollover protection of a super-strong roll bar and the beauty and craftsmanship for which CMS Performance is renowned. Engineered with a premium on safety and structural rigidity, the exceptional design integrates perfectly with the M3's luxury/sport interior. CMS uses only advanced Docol R8 Advanced High-Strength Steel tubing throughout each roll bar, giving you unequalled tensile strength and occupant protection. Docol R8 is 15% stronger than 4130 CrMo steel and 30% stronger than mild (DOM) steel used by other roll bar manufacturers. It is superior in every way: resistance to deformation, weld strength, and energy dissipation. Our one-piece main hoop with fully-integrated X-bracing and harness bar bolts directly to the chassis, forming the backbone of the CMS Performance Roll Bar. Rearward "kicker" supports are optimized for support and easy installation while maintaining an unobstructed rear view. The harness bar is specifically designed to locate racing harness shoulder straps at the proper angle (0° to -20°) in most seating positions. CUTTING EDGE MATERIALS, DIRECT BOLT-IN The CMS Performance BMW E92 M3 Roll Bar is designed to bolt directly to the M3 chassis' strong points without the need for any modification of existing interior trim or use of backing plates. Adding a CMS custom designed rear seat delete gives the whole installation a clean, factory appearance. Full 360o TIG welding throughout gives the CMS Performance Roll Bar unsurpassed strength and durability. Each roll bar includes custom powder coating in your choice of matched M3 factory colors, satin black for a more stealthy appearance, or any of over 5,000 custom powder coat colors for a truly customized look. Our unwavering focus on using cutting-edge materials, unsurpassed design & construction, and premium fit & finish has taken CMS Performance Roll Bars to the top of the industry. The BMW E92 M3 roll bar is the latest addition to our growing catalog, bringing safety, integrity, and beauty to your M3 whether on the street or at the track! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS OPTIONS Main hoop X-brace gussets (as shown in photos) can be added for $200. Schroth Profi II ASM four-point harnesses have a patented anti-submarine design to give you racing harness safety with your factory BMW seats. Roll Bar Harness Collars help keep your shoulder straps where you want them.  FEATURES 1.75″ X .090" Docol R8 Advanced High Strength Steel throughout (stronger than 4130 CrMo) One-piece main hoop for superior strength and occupant safety Three-piece kickers ease installation while maintaining exceptional strength Precision-cut mounting plates Designed and TIG welded in the USA by master racing fabricators CNC machined high-strength-steel interlocking joints Allows full seat travel with virtually any seat All USA-made Grade 8 hardware included Comes with detailed installation instructions Installation requires removal of the factory rear seat bottom cushion. THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY
Sparco RW-10 Seamless Nomex Balaclava
Sparco Sparco RW-10 Seamless Nomex Balaclava $119.00
Sparco RW-10 Seamless Nomex Balaclava The Sparco RW-10 line of Nomex® undergarments is the lightest and most breathable on the market that is homologated to the new FIA 8856-2018 standard. When designing this new line of undergarments, Sparco studied the drivers seating position to ensure ultimate fit and comfort. The RW-10 features a fully seamless structure with ultra-soft stretchable material for a very comfortable fit. RW-10 shirts and underpants are treated with Sparco’s X-Cool treatment, which draws heat from the body surface to cool the driver. In addition to cooling the driver, X-Cool treatment has an anti-bacterial effect.    The RW-10 balaclava is seamless, designed with no seams across the mouth and chin area for comfort when wearing a helmet. The traditional center seam across the front of the forehead has been removed to lessen any chances of pressure when wearing a helmet. TECHNOLOGY Newest FIA rating - FIA 8856-2018 Seamless stretchable Nomex in key areas for mobility Designed for comfort in a driving position Minimal external seams increase driver comfort
Sparco Victory 2023 Fire Suit FIA 8856-2018
Sparco Sparco Victory 2023 Fire Suit FIA 8856-2018 $1,050.00
Sparco Victory 2023 Fire Suit FIA 8856-2018 The lightweight and breathable Sparco Victory 2023 racing suit is feature packed with lightweight HOCOTEX fabric construction, comfort stretch panels, and is dual SFI 3.2/5a and FIA 8856-2018 homologated. Built in Italy with pride, the new lightweight and breathable Sparco Victory 2023 brings the performance of competitor's suits that have double the cost to weekend racers.  It's hard to improve on a classic, but Sparco has done just that with the updated Victory 2023 racing suit! Built from the popular Victory racing suit that brought HOCOTEX technology at the $1050 price point. Largely keeping the popular Victory classic design with modern color options, the new Victory 2023 suit takes things a step further with an improved cut, style, and fit.  An improved stretch panel on the lower-back further improves mobility, while preformed sleeves maintain excellent steering performance. Sparco's unique HOCOTEX technology makes use of an intricate honeycomb structure that contains thousands of protective microcapsules built into a super-thin and breathable fabric weave. Twice as breathable as other entry-level suits, these insulating compartments replace the multi-layer fabric construction found in every other suit on the market, all while maintaining dual SFI 3.2A/5 & FIA 8856-2018 certifications for zero compromise in protection! FEATURES: Soft and Lightweight Two times more breathable than a standard suit Single Layer Construction, Multi-Layer Protection Hidden front pockets Full-floating, pre-formed sleeves with stretch panels Additional stretch gusset in shoulder and armpit sections 3 Years of Research and Development HOCOTEX® Patented Sparco Technology – Made in Italy Only single layer SFI 3.2A/5 suit on the market Rating: FIA 8856-2018 & SFI 3.2a/5
Alpinestars Tech-1 K YOUTH Karting Shoes
Alpinestars Alpinestars Tech-1 K YOUTH Karting Shoes $99.95
Alpinestars Tech-1 K YOUTH Karting Shoes Sizes 1 and 12.5 Youth Only! An aggressively-styled driving shoe specifically developed for youth drivers, the Tech-1 KS is constructed from a lightweight microfiber and 3D mesh inserts for high levels of comfort, durability and breathability. Performance features include an innovative rounded heel for support and Alpinestars exclusive rubber compound sole for improved pedal sensitivity and grip. KEY FEATURES Light and durable advanced microfiber and mesh construction offers excellent comfort and feel. 3D mesh inserts on the tongue and perforated microfiber panels on the heel and sides offer excellent ventilation. Innovative heel counter and lateral forefoot structure offers support and stability. Traditional symmetric lace closure system and hook-and-loop strap grip offers safe and secure fitting. Padded sole incorporates improved Alpinestars exclusive rubber compound for improved pedal sensitivity and grip in all conditions. sleek shoe profile follows foot anatomy and guarantees great fit and performance  CONSTRUCTION Designed and developed specifically for the stresses of kart racing Designed and constructed especially for young drivers, incorporating aggressive styling. PROTECTION External heel, ankle and internal toe reinforcements for abrasion resistance and protection
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Meru Ascent Carbon Head Restraint
Meru Meru Ascent Carbon Head Restraint $1,250.00
Meru Ascent Carbon Head Restraint With IDS Meru’s revolutionary Inertia Dampening System(IDS) has single-handedly changed how Frontal Head Restraint(FHR) manufactures will design their restraints moving forward and will push safety organizations to rewrite their current safety standards. The old thought process of leaving concussion prevention to the helmets has been upended and Meru has pushed FHR manufactures to take concussions seriously. Meru’s proprietary Inertia Dampening System will hold a competitive advantage in both concussion and neck safety.A CLIMB TO CONCUSSION PREVENTION.• IDS controls the head’s entire movement forward in an impact.• IDS prevents a sudden stop in an impact.• IDS reduces both linear and angular acceleration.• IDS has speed sensitive valving to ensure driver comfort and safety.• IDS reduces both concussion causing forces and upper neck tension.• IDS can withstand thousands of impacts• In a 70G impact IDS reduced the force through the head from over 300lbs with our best competitor, to just over 60lbs with our device, a near 80% reduction in force.• Hundreds of pounds under the SFI and FIA upper neck tension threshold.• Carbon Fiber Headrest and Collar.• Carbon Kevlar burst panel.• All titanium hardware.• Fully customized CNC’d dampener with propriety IDS technology featuringspeed sensitive valving to maximize both safety and comfort.• Moving headrest allows for universal use in all seating positions. The forces to the head in the majority of auto racing accidents come from rotational energy which promotes angular acceleration. It has become rare to have a direct linear impact to the head. Traditional FHR's solid construction and tethering prevent the ability to mitigate angular acceleration forces. With traditional FHR’s in an impact the brain and head immediately speed up and then come to an immediate stop when the tether stops the helmet, which has a similar effect to hitting your head on a wall despite not leaving a scratch on the helmet.IDS technology immediately begins slowing the impact down, controlling the helmet's movement forward, thereby reducing the transfer of angular acceleration forces to the head and brain.LOW-THRESHOLD ENERGYRecent medical research has provided alarming conclusions surrounding the causes, severity, and long-term effects of concussions. Even seemingly minor concussions may have much more serious long-term effects on the brain, especially when frequency is increased.The current crop of head restraints focus on limiting upper neck tension and leaving concussion prevention up to the helmet companies. With this well noted, the vast majority of impacts one might experience in auto racing qualify as low-threshold energy impacts; impacts well below the certification standards' pass/fail velocities, but severe enough to sustain a concussion or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Bumpy tracks, a big cushion in dirt cars, or a string of small crashes can do enough jarring to sustain a concussion or TBI without any obvious carnage to pair it with. IDS starts working the instant an impact begins and the speed sensitive valving makes the technology more compliant and progressive over a broad range of impact velocities common in ‘real world’ racing while still exceeding the global standard pass/fail requirements.HIGH-VELOCITY IMPACTSAcross the entire range of potential impact velocities, the Meru Ascent FHR with IDS technology consistently outperforms competitive designs. Meru meticulously engineers the collar, headrest, hardware, guards and IDS to provide the best possible impact mitigation performance across all impact velocities for both angular and linear accelerations.In a 70G force impact at the cape crash testing lab in Indianapolis, the Meru Ascent FHR with IDS reduced the concussion causing forces through the head from over 300 pounds with our best competition to just 63 pounds with our restraint. We were able to make those gains without giving up low-threshold energy protection or sacrificing neck safety.TIME-TO-PEAK (TTP)Time-to-Peak (TTP) is how long it takes the energy of an impact to reach maximum g-force. Deceleration time is the single most beneficial component in reducing the severity and magnitude of any impact — the more time, the less energy transferred.Because of our proprietary IDS technology, our speed sensitive dampener progressively lowers the head's velocity and almost triples the time to peak, spreading our already drastically reduced load over nearly triple the time.UPPER-NECK TENSIONThe original FHR’s were designed to limit upper neck tension. At the time auto racing's biggest problem was basal skull fracture. Caused by the whiplash motion in an impact, basal skull fracture often severed spinal cords, resulting in death. The original FHR designs did wonders for limiting how far forward the helmet could travel in an impact eliminating the finished whipping motion.In testing to see how well FHR’s do at preventing basal skull fracture, we look at upper neck tension. This number is the main pass/fail standard for the safety organization.In our mission of concussion prevention, the original FHR goal of lowered upper neck tension was not lost on us and we were able to come in several hundred pounds below the set standard either matching or besting the current industry leaders.
Sparco Air Pro RF-5W Helmet SA2020
Sparco Sparco Air Pro RF-5W Helmet SA2020 $899.00
Sparco Air Pro RF-5W SNELL SA2020 The Sparco helmet line is a result of over 40 years of research and development experience, including wind tunnel testing. The new range was designed to meet the requirements of the new Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 ratings. The 2020 type-approval introduces new impact requirements, the helmets need to dissipate large amounts of energy in different ways. To meet these requirements Sparco is introducing new innovations for driver safety and comfort. All shells now have layers of carbon-Kevlar for greater strength. The helmets have also been wind-tunnel tested to maximize exterior vent placement and flow. The EPS interiors and padding have also been redesigned for increased airflow and driver comfort. Sparco also introduces a new size: Medium/Large. This M/L size takes advantage of using the smaller shell which is lighter and more compact.   TECHNOLOGY Lightweight carbon-kevlar/fiberglass construction New Medium/Large size uses lighter, more compact shell Anodized aluminum chin strap hardware Removable, washable lining Wind tunnel optimized venting with anti-fog air channels Pre-molded interior to accommodate drink tubes and an intercom system (sold separately) Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 approved The most effective helmet is one that fits properly. To measure your head, have an assistant use a dressmaker's tape or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your head. Start at a point about an inch above your eyebrows, looping around the back of your head at the point that results in the largest measurement, and finally around to the front again. It's a good idea to take two or three measurements to make sure you have the largest one. This helmet will ship with signature required for delivery.
Sparco Sky RF-7W Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020
Sparco Sparco Sky RF-7W Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2020 $1,099.00
Sparco Sky RF-7W Carbon SA2020 The Sparco Sky RF-7W has a carbon fiber outer shell reinforced with layers of carbon-Kevlar. It includes a wider eye opening that can be used for open wheel or closed cockpit driving. Multiple exterior vents increase circulation to a redesigned interior. The interior has channels which not only cool the driver, but has additional channels which route air towards the visor, which reduces the chance of visor fogging. Sky RF-7W has removable, washable padding that can be repositioned for a comfortable fit. All interior seams have been removed from areas where greater pressure is exerted on the head. The Sky RF-7W has been designed to accommodate a drink tube and an intercom system. Available in sizes XS to XL (including new M/L size using Sparco's smaller, lighter shell) with a red or black interior. Sky RF-7W has HANS posts pre-installed. SNELL 2020 and FIA 8859-2015 approved. FEATURES: Choose red or black interior color Light weight carbon fiber with carbon-kevlar base layers New "Medium/Large" size uses the lighter and more compact shell HANS posts pre-installed Anodized aluminum chin strap hardware Removable, washable lining Wind tunnel optimized venting with anti-fog air channels Pre-molded interior to accommodate drink tubes and an intercom system (sold separately). SNELL SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 approved The most effective helmet is one that fits properly. To measure your head, have an assistant use a dressmaker's tape or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your head. Start at a point about an inch above your eyebrows, looping around the back of your head at the point that results in the largest measurement, and finally around to the front again. It's a good idea to take two or three measurements to make sure you have the largest one. This helmet will ship with signature required for delivery.
Image of Chillout Systems 3
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems 3" Neoprene Air Duct Hose from $41.00
Chillout Systems Neoprene 3" Air Duct Hose is used to direct cooling air into a Chillout Systems cooler or take the coolers heated exhaust air and exit outside of the interior compartment. Flexible, pliable and structurally strong thanks to a coated spring-steel wire support helix that prevents it from collapsing the fiberglass fabric cover and fiberglass cord are both impregnated and coated with neoprene rubber. Chillout Systems 3" Neoprene Air Duct Hose Details: Manufacturer: Chillout Systems Manufacturer part number 6 Foot: CH-ADH3i6 Manufacturer part number 12 Foot: CH-ADH3i12 Inside diameter: 3" Temperature range: -45°F to 330°F With a temperature range between -45 F to 330 F, this makes it ideal for most applications, most importantly bringing fresh/cool air to your Quantum Cooler. Also perfect for cockpit cooling and other low-pressure ducting applications where extreme heat can't be avoided. Under-hood applications such as connecting an air intake to an airbox, or an airbox to a throttle body are also great uses.
Image of Chillout Systems No Drip 1/4
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems No Drip 1/4" Shirt Adapters $105.00
Chillout Systems No Drip 1/4" Shirt Adapters No Drip Adapters from Chillout Systems are designed to never leak and maximize the reliability of your driver cooling unit without the annoying "drip" when you disconnect.  Chillout Systems No Drip 1/4" Shirt Adapter Details: Manufacturer: ChillOut Systems Manufacturer Part Number: CO-DLC-1 Works with other ¼" cooling shirts: Yes Quantity: 4 Pieces (2 complete sets) We have found in very long endurance races such as the 2021 World Racing league 24 Hours of Sebring, multiple driver changes have parasitic loss of fluid during the repetitious connecting of the drivers shirts. No Drip adapters also prevent unintentional release as the Shirt Adapters lock together, linking the hose to your system securely.