Schroth Enduro 2x2 Porsche GT3 6 Point Racing Harness 1 "a"



Schroth Enduro 2x2 Porsche GT3 6 Point Racing Harness



Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 6 Point Racing Harness




  • Porsche 991 GT3/GT3RS
  • Porsche 981/718 GT4
  • Porsche 918



Fitting the Porsche GT3 with Porsche's carbon bucket seats - comes in black and red with 2" shoulder and 2" waist/sub belts. The Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Harness takes the best features of the best-selling Enduro belt and adds a few improvements. Save time in driver changes with the Schroth Enduro belt with "ZIP Adjusters" that allow for exceptional ease of adjustment (tightening) and release for faster and smoother driver changes.

Note: This harness is designed for street cars with Porsche's factory One-Piece Carbon Bucket seats. If you are in a GT3 Cup Car or have a different fixed-back race seat, a standard Enduro will be better suited for your vehicle.

Endurance racing drivers need to be able to get in and out of the car quickly and easily during a race. The Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 6 Point Racing Harness uses the newest, most innovative technology available to ensure ease of use during quick driver changes in the most arduous conditions. The Schroth Enduro 6 Point Racing Harness is considered the fastest, easiest harness to use among many drivers. All while maintaining the superior quality and durability for which Schroth is famous.

The Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Racing Harness has been tested for quality and ease of use in the WEC endurance series and in 24-hour races at legendary venues like Germany’s Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Schroth Enduro 6 Point Harness is at the top of its game, constructed for racers who need superior driver restraint technology. The new design of the ZIP Adjuster is integrated into the lap belt buckle attachments, making the position of the adjusters ideal for quick, precise tightening. This design -- featuring clearly-marked belt release straps, extra large, easy-to-see, yellow hand loops on the lap belts -- also ensures efficient, smooth releases and tightenings for quicker, easier driver changes. The Schroth Enduro 6 Point Racing Harness also has these ZIP Adjusters on the shoulder belts.


Schroth ups the ante with its Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2, with sewn-in lap belt attachments specifically for Porsche's OEM carbon bucket seats. The lap belts bolt in simply, without any drilling or other modifications for a factory-installed look. Attachment of the shoulder belts requires the use of a roll bar or harness bar, and the sub straps must be mounted to a sub strap bar beneath the seat.


The Schroth Enduro 2x2 6 Point Harness is a first choice for endurance racing teams, racing schools, and corporate ride-along venues where transitioning in and out of the race car quickly while maintaining top safety and durability is a winning combination.  The Schroth Enduro 2X2 6 point race belt is Schroth's top-of-the-line racing harness for Endurance racing. The Schroth Enduro belt features the widely praised ZIP Adjusters integrated into the lap belt buckle attachments to optimize the position of the adjusters for perfect and fast adjustment. The rotational design of the ZIP Adjusters allows for exceptional ease of adjustment (tightening) and release for faster and smoother driver changes.

The Schroth Enduro 2X2 6 point harness is designed specifically for when fast driver changes are needed in endurance racing. The lap belt straps have large, easy to grab adjuster loops for the easiest adjustment. Newly designed compact aluminium rotary buckle features a quicker, more positive “click” and an ergonomic release lever.

One of the main features of the Enduro 2X2 belt systems is the 2" (50mm) lap belt for added safety over 3" designs. A 2" belt rides within the crest of the human pelvis where a 3" belt would rest on the edges. This allows you to get the belt up to an inch and a half tighter. That means the lap belt will be working earlier in an accident because it gets loaded faster. It's also more comfortable and easier to adjust because there's less friction through the adjuster.

Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Harness Shoulder Belts:

This is the first thing a Profi II racer is going to notice - the shoulder belts. Instead of going from 2" from the adjuster up and 3" from the adjuster down, the Enduro 2x2 has a full length 2" width shoulder belt. At first, being a racer who does not like change, I wanted my same 3/2" shoulder belt. Upon sitting in a race seat and mounting the harness, Schroth actually improved on something I though did not need improvement. They are easy to lay up on my Hans device, are a little lighter, and the new small adjusters are nice. Actually, really nice. I like the new lightweight adjusters better than my Profi II. This is a nice upgrade I did not know needed upgrading.

The shoulder belt camlock ends are still keyed (angled) for individual left and right to keep driver comfort at a maximum, no matter how large or small the driver is. We love this feature on all Schroth belts.

Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Harness Waist Belts:

At first look, you appreciate the technology that Schroth puts into their ZIP adjusters that are part of the slip-in end of the waist belt. Spring loaded, but easy to release. German perfection is found in the Schroth Enduro series harness sets.

Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Harness Waist Belt Chassis Fittings:

Featuring a precise sewn-in waist belt to chassis fitting, the Schroth Porsche waist belt fits perfect. Everything is in the perfect position and legal for all competition you may see, even the 24 Hours of LeMans. We sew the Schroth B43A end on both of the waist belts so installation is like your super car came out of Stuttgart. 

Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Harness Waist Belts 2" vs 3":

All Schroth Enduro Belts are 2" (50mm) wide and are more effective that the 3" (75mm) waist belt. Why is 2" webbing more effective than 3" webbing? Let's start looking at the shape of our human body. The Iliac Crest (IC) is the part of the pelvic bone that sticks out above the hips. 2" webbing fits entirely within the recession created by the Iliac Crest where 3" webbing rides over the top of the Iliac Crest. Because of this, the 3" webbing has less contact area by percentage than the 2" webbing which will cause more bruising during an impact where the belt is making contact with the pelvic bone. Since the 2" webbing rides inside the Iliac Crest, it can be worn as much as 1" to 1.5" tighter and at the same time is more comfortable for the driver.

Since the 2" webbing fits well within the Iliac Crest of the pelvis, it is less likely to slide up above the crest and cause submarining, a condition where the body slides down below the lap belt possibly causing internal organ damage.

Research shows that the faster the pelvis is captured, the lower the resultant loads on the chest, head, and neck. There is no difference in the strength of the 2" webbing vs the 3" webbing. All webbing - 2" or 3" - must meet the same FIA homolgation test loads.

There is an additional benefit of the 2" lap belts. The required force to properly and tightly adjust the belts in the car is much easier than with 3" belts. We here at DiscoveryParts love and prefer the Schroth 2" waist belt system.

Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Harness Camlock:

Different or the same? The buckle looks like our old reliable Schroth Profi cam lock in non-glare matte black, and looks and feels the same externally. The only upgrade is a different amount of force required to turn the buckle. It is solidly positioned and has a very sharp snap when releasing. Nothing too drastic, if you start turning the camlock (in either direction) it just is tight, tight, tight, and boom - released. Actually there is no boom, it just releases cleanly.

Schroth Porsche GT3 Enduro 2x2 Harness Sub Belt:

Safety is #1 with Schroth and comfort is elevated beyond any other harness competitor. Going back to safety, the buckle position is not just important, but paramount. For the loading of the belts to be properly spread over your pelvis, Iliac crest, and upper torso, we need the buckle to be positioned correctly on the driver. To help position the belt easily the first time and quickly fine-tune the position for a multiple driver car, Schroth added two adjusters for you. Sub-belt install time of a Schroth harness is 70% less than competitor harness sets.

Available in Black or Red

See Schroth's Harness Installation Checklist Here


  • FIA 8853-2016 Homologated
  • Specific lap belt attachments for Porsche OEM carbon bucket seats
  • ZIP Adjusters in lap and shoulder belts ensure quick, easy fit
  • Extra large, easy-to-grab hand loops on the shoulder belts
  • Sewn-in bungee loops on the shoulder belts
  • Two-inch (50mm) lap belts provide superior safety and comfort
  • Patented RFR lightweight buckle


  • (6) SG23 7/16" Eyebolts
  • (2) SG39 7/16" Backing Plates
  • (12) S3 7/16" Lock Washers
  • * Lap belt attachments are designed for Porsche OEM carbon bucket seats only

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