Brey Krause R-9052 Seat Side Mount Brackets Porsche 991 & 981 1 "a"


Brey Krause R-9052 Seat Side Mount Brackets Porsche 991 & 981


Easily Install Racing Seats in your Porsche

The Brey Krause R-9052 Seat Side Mount Adapters are designed to help install a multitude of side-mounting racing seats directly to the factory manual sliders used on many Porsche 991 and 981 cars. (Porsche OEM sliders are not included.) They also fit some later 997 & 987 Porsches equipped with similar tabbed sliders.

Porsche factory sliders are known for their quality and strength. Along with their longer travel versus aftermarket sliders, they help retain the factory feel in your car. Brey Krause's innovative design allows the side mounts to be installed in four different positions. Combined with included spacers, they are compatible with a multitude of racing seats that are between 390 and 430mm wide. Slightly slotted side-mounting holes allow for fitment to the most popular seat manufacturers (Sparco, Recaro, OMP, Cobra, and more).

The R-9052 is compatible with the Brey Krause R-9259 sub strap mount (available as an option above) for use with a five- or six-point racing harness.

  • Made from 11-gauge T304 stainless steel
  • Powder-coated in satin black
  • Weight 1 lbs
  • Fits all Porsche 991, 981 cars with OEM Manual Sliders (also fits later 997 & 987 cars with similar tabbed sliders)
  • Fits Side-Mount racing seats between 390-430mm wide, and maintains factory seat belt mount.

Download installation instructions here.

Note: Porsche OEM Manual Sliders are required for complete seat installation and are not included. The R-9052 is not compatible with Porsche power seat sliders.

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