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CTEK Comfort Indicator Cigarette/12V Adapter



These CTEK Power Cigarette Lighter Adapters Are Connection Leads Designed to charge your battery through your cigarette lighter or 12 V accessory port when connected to your CTEK charger. Have a modern Porsche with a dead battery in the bonnet and can not open the bonnet to charge it? Here is your answer - The CTEK cigarette lighter adapter.

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CTEK Comfort Indicator Cigarette/12V Adapter

CTEK Power Comfort Indicator Cigarette lighter adapter plugs provide you with a way to show you how much power your battery has left through their indicator. They simply plug into your cigarette lighter, making it quick and easy to do. CTEK Power Comfort Indicator Cig plugs are made of high-quality materials for long-lasting dependability and are compact to easily fit in your glove box or center console.

CTEK Comfort Indicator Cigarette/12V Adapter Details:

  • Manufacturer: CTEK
  • Manufacturer part number: 56-870
  • Voltage range: 0-12 V
  • Voltage indicator led: Yes (3)
  • Charger end: CTEK Comfort Connect (oval orange)
  • Car end: Cigarette lighter

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