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Stack TPMS LITE, Wireless Tire Temp & Press



Real Time Monitoring of Accurate Tire Temp & Pressure. Advanced warning from slow puncture, qualify on the perfect set-up for those last .003 and use your new found data analysis to control tire wear via driving style, maximizing tire life in longer races.

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Stack TPMS LITE, Wireless Tire Temp & Press

Accurate tyre pressures are a proven performance enhancer, delivering consistent performance benefits in all levels of motorsport. Taking a car to the grid with tires at optimum temperature and pressure is a known advantage in the opening laps of a race.

Also, dynamic tire pressure monitoring while out on the track allows the team to optimise tire performance over the whole lap and whole run.

Stack TMPS with CAN Bus Output Features

Stack’s Batteryless and wireless TPMS (Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System)completely re-defines tyre pressure monitoring in motorsport. Based on patented SAW sensor technology, the problems associated with mounting batteries and complicated electronics in sensors on wheels have at last been completely eliminated. Each wheel sensor comprises of a 2mm thick x 12mm diameter SAW pressure/temperature sensor and an antenna, in a 21mm diam. x 16mm cylindrical housing weighing 15g - the smallest and lightest sensor on the market!

Benefits of Stack TPMS

Safety Advance warning of tyre issues (including slow puncture detection) prevents costly accidents and injury. 
Performance Tyres provide the biggest and “easiest” performance gain. The right pressure and temperature on the warm up lap can give you a performance advantage to make up many places during the first lap. 
Strategy Data analysis can control tyre wear, allowing a change in driving style to maximize tyre life. 

Stack TMPS is WIreless and Batteryless

  • Smallest size available - only 18mm diameter x 14mm
  • Lightest TPMS sensor available - only 15g, which means it can be used as a partial counterweight to the valve. The battery based sensors are typically 35-70g each, plus the need for a counterweight. The Stack solution can remove 70-140g or more from each wheel, or a total of 280-560g of unsprung weight!
  • Higher operating temperatures - our sensors are calibrated up to 150°C continuously, and can run higher without permanent damage.
  • Higher sampling rates, without the need to replace batteries - continuous sampling from 1Hz to 40Hz, with no adverse affect on sensor life.
  • Longer sensor life, and hence significantly reduced operating costs. The sensors have a typical life of 5+ years, compared to the battery based sensors which typically require annual replacement. 
  • Totally eliminates the requirement to replace batteries in-season (if the sensor has replaceable battery), reducing operating costs, and increasing long-term system reliability.
  • The benefits of a batteryless solution are amplified in a wind-tunnel application. The longer running times associated with wind tunnel testing means that a sensor battery can be exhausted in as little as 1 week, running at 1Hz, or less than one day running at 10Hz! The Stack batteryless sensor can run at 10Hz indefinitely.
  • No recycling issues in disposing of batteries

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